Evanston police say a Skokie man was found shot to death in a parked car on Fowler Avenue just north of Main Street Thursday night.

Police crime scene trucks were still at Main and Fowler this noon.

Evanston police say a Skokie man was found shot to death in a parked car on Fowler Avenue just north of Main Street Thursday night.

Police crime scene trucks were still at Main and Fowler this noon.

Commander James Pickett says a resident called police just before 11 p.m. to report that an occupied black vehicle with a broken window and its brake lights on was parked on the street.

Responding officers found the victim dead, sitting in the driver’s seat, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the head.

The victim has been identified as Knoxley C. Morrison of Skokie, who was four days shy of his 28th birthday.

Police say they have no information about a possible suspect in the incident, and the North Regional Major Crimes Task Force is conducting the investigation.

Update 4:10 p.m. 1/15/10:

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office says Morrison died of multiple gunshot wounds and has ruled the shooting a homicide. The medical examiner’s office provided an address for the victim of 8811 S. State St. in Chicago. There was no immediate explanation of the discrepancy between that address and the police report that Morrison lived in Skokie.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. It’s time Evanston police
    It’s time Evanston police start listening to the neighbors in that area and start doing something about the drugs and gangs.

  2. Quick..let’s blame someone!
    That’s right ‘Anonymous”…start blaming the Police for this murder. Because there has got to be someone held accountable other than those involved. How many complaints have you filed regarding drugs and gangs at this corner?

  3. Do the crime, pay the time and losing the dwelling
    We don’t know yet who killed this man, but one has to wonder if it will be a repeat offender.
    Can one of the legal eagles out there tell us if there is any law prohibiting [or better yet requiring] that if one is convicted of a serious crime [murder, armed robbery, assualt with a weapon, selling drugs, etc.] that apartment owners can evict the person and if living with someone, including family, not be allowed to visit the premise again. Same would apply to condos and perhaps even putting a house up for forced sale.
    Yes, there is crime all over Evanston but police reports seem to indicate certain areas where it is rampant with other crimes occuring in areas the criminal did not live but being crimes of opportunity or “where the money is.”

  4. I do not blame the
    I do not blame the police..but they need to start listening to residents when we compain and do something about it. For your information, I call numerous times..often in the summer…for your information. I can point out drug dealers and their houses and cars…and have done so to police. Those involved are totally to blame, but the police are to serve and protect. And our community..or at least where I live is not being served.

  5. Fowler & Main Shooting
    I am a resident in this neighborhood. This is the third such incident within a block in the last 12-18 months. I think the neighbors need to come together to address this growing problem. Can the already existing neighborhood organization call a meeting?

    1. “…third such incident
      “…third such incident within a block in the last 12-18 months”. So your saying there have been 3 homicides in a one block radius in the last year and a half? That is wholly inaccurate. There isn’t a single area in Evanston that can claim such a crime problem. You may want to clarify.

      1. third such incident
        I apologize; I did not intend to suggest that this was the third homicide. This was however the third very violent crime. In fall of 2008, a young man was shot at 9am in the park at McDaniel and Bradley Place. Just a few months ago, gunmen broke down the door of a home on Bradley place (between Fowler and McDaniel) and held two elderly women hostage for hours while they ransacked the home demanding drugs. The gunmen repeatedly told the women that they were going to kill them. Finally, there was this most recent incident last week. Either of the first two incidents could also have easily resulted in deaths. My point is, this much violent crime within one block in such a short amount of time is alarming. Does anyone have contact information for the neighborhood association? If not, I am willing to contact Alderman Baptiste to request some sort of meeting. As residents, we need to make our concerns known and demand that something is done.

        1. Please!!
          Please contact Alderman Baptiste. We need to come together as a neighborhood and stop this violence. I live on the other side of Dempster.. straight down Fowler and we have seen the same gangs and drugs..for a lack of a better word..crap.

          1. Alderman
            Alderman Baptiste lives just 4 blocks from where this happened. He’s at McDaniel and Crain, south of Dempster. I call the police when I hear gunfire. We know the houses that are trouble. The neighbors talk with each other and try to look out for each other, but I’d love some guidance on what we can do to make our neighborhood safer.

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