Snow briefing to be packed with painters

When Evanston's Public Works Department holds a pre-season briefing for the public on snow rules Thursday night the Civic Center, the talk won't be just of parking rules and towing penalties. They'll also be talking about winners — winner's of the city's first snow plow painting content, that is.

Nichols plow

Nichols Middle School students painted this plow.

Four schools took up the challenge to say something with paint about snow and something about the environment and recycling, and the public was able to cast votes for their favorites while the plows were planted on the Civic Center's front lawn earlier this month.

Chute plow

Chute Middle School students went with a patriotic theme. 

If you want all the details about the seasonal regulations and can't make the 6 p.m. meeting in the Council Chambers, you can find them here. But then you'd miss the look on the faces of the winning painters.

Dewey plow

Dewey Elementary School students went with a giant snowflake.

There's no word on how well the plows' paint jobs will hold up to the snow and salt and sand they'll encounter once the snow season actually gets underway.

Rhodes plow

Bessie Rhodes Magnet School students adapted a Van Gogh classic, "Starry Night."

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