Snow clean up continues with parking limits in effect


Evanston officials say the city has now received more than 66 inches of snow this season — with just under seven inches added Tuesday.

Assistant Public Works Director James Maiworm says since this is an even-numbered day, crews will be plowing to the curb on the even side of the street, and residents should park on the odd side.

Maiworm says the plowing will inevitably move additional snow into driveways.

"Public Works crews will do all possible not to create extraordinary piles of snow at the ends of driveways, but a serious focus must be placed on regaining the proper street width for emergency vehicles to respond if required," he says, and "many of our residential streets are very narrow at this point."

Overnight tonight cleanup efforts will shift to the business districts. A large crew will be working to scrape snow away from the sides of the streets and around meters. This snow will be hauled away. A snow route parking ban will be in effect overnight to assist crews in the cleanup effort in the business districts.

Additional cleanup activities over the next few days will include loading snow from corners to regain line of sight visibility, clearing and hauling snow from cross walks, prioritizing ones with crossing guard support, and clearing around fire hydrants

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