Snow cleanup continues


City crews are plowing residential side streets across Evanston today and officials are asking that residents voluntarily follow the alternate side snow parking restrictions today and Saturday.

That means no parking between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on the odd numbered side of the street on today, an odd-numbered day. And no parking during the same hours on Saturday, an even-numbered day on the even-numbered side of the street.

Officials say special parking restriction signs may be posted in problem residential areas if needed, and failure to comply with those signs could result in vehicles being ticketed and towed.

Residents are also asked to clear snow from sidewalks and ramps and to clear a path to access your refuse and recycling containers.

The storm left a thick coating of white on trees across town, but apparently not enough to cause downed power lines or simlar problems.

The totally unofficial Evanston Now backyard patio table snow ruler says we got just a shade under six inches of snow from the storm.

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