A snow route parking ban is being declared beginning tonight at 11 p.m. and continuing through 6 a.m. Sunday morning.

Parking will be prohibited on all snow routes and violators will be ticketed and towed. Snow routes are the major streets and are marked with snow route signs.

A snow emergency is being declared for tomorrow Sunday January 11 and Monday January 12. The odd-numbered sides of residential streets will be cleared between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Sunday and the even-numbered sides will be cleared on Monday during the same time period. Violators are subject to ticketing and towing.

Streets and Sanitation Superintendent Suzette Eggleston says the city realizes that there is an added inconvenience when a snow emergency occurs over the weekend but due to the quantity of accumulated snow, it could not be avoided.

Four to six inches of snow have accumulated on snow routes and side streets much of which occurred overnight. Another one to three inches is expected this afternoon.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Why no snow removal on Saturday?
    Why oh why wasn’t the snow removal ban started on Saturday??? First, lack of removal of this much snow is a public hazard. Eliminating public hazards is the primary reason we have municipal governments. Second, the weather forecast is for a 20 degree temperature drop. That means (1) cars will have to be moved into unplowed, frozen snow; (2) the unplowed snow will be more difficult to plow (causing excessive wear and tear on the equipment and the drivers), (3) frozen snow will have to be plowed twice (more wear and tear), and (4) snow removal will have to compete with business traffic on Monday instead of completing it on two weekend days when traffic is lighter and people more available to move cars.

    Please tell us the logic for not removing the snow on Saturday morning when we already several inches, many more than cause the ban to kick-in.

    1. Saturday snow removal
      Hi snowbound,

      Don’t know what part of town you are in … but I saw snow plows out on the street in my neck of the woods on Saturday.

      In fact I saw two of them, freshly filled with salt, coming out of the city service center as I was leaving Saturday’s budget hearing a little before 1 p.m. … and more of them on the roads on the way home.

      The overnight parking ban is designed to let the plows get all the way to the curb on the main roads.

      — Bill

  2. No snow removal on Saturday
    Hi Bill,

    I’m glad you saw plows yesterday. We still had not seen a plow on our street by 11pm Saturday night, when I walked the dog. Finally, by 8am Sunday morning one had plowed the middle. Of course, it blocked in all the cars dutifully parked on the north side Saturday. Yes, the south side was clear of parked cars. Why was everyone parked on the north side? Because they assumed the south side would have been plowed on Saturday. Now they have to dig out of the north side, and dig into the south side. I won’t tell you what some had to say. It’s unprintable.

    You didn’t answer my question: what was the logic of instituting the ban for Sunday and Monday, rather than Saturday and Sunday? I understand why the ban. I understand overtime pay. I also understand public safety. I’ve managed in manufacturing plants. Personally, I’m weary with the incompetence in this town. I hope the voters wake up.

    1. Saturday snow
      Hi again, snowbound,

      I’d suggest you call the streets and sanitation department Monday to get their explanation for the scheduling … but just based on my experience of living here for a while I would suggest that:

      1. The snow was still falling through most of the day Saturday and that keeps the trucks busy trying to keep travel lanes open on major roads and side streets.

      2. Generally speaking, the overnight parking ban on the main streets, so they can be plowed to the curb, tends to happen first — followed the next two days by the daytime parking ban on side streets, so they can be plowed to the curb.

      So I’m a little curious why, with no word from the city that the parking ban was in effect yet, and snow still falling, you and your neighbors assumed the daytime ban was in effect on side streets Saturday.

      Don’t you read Evanston Now? Visit the city website? Call the snow hotline? Listen for the sirens? Tune to the city radio station? Subscribe to the snow e-mail update from the city?

      (See this page for details on most of those options.)

      Sometimes people need to take a little responsibility for informing themselves.

      But perhaps we’re both just cranky from spending too much time out shoveling.

      Sorry your street didn’t get plowed sooner.


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