Evanston taxpayers who saw a reduction in property valuations had been applied to their first-half tax bills received earlier this year may get a shock when second-half bills show up late next month.

Evanston taxpayers who saw a reduction in property valuations had been applied to their first-half tax bills received earlier this year may get a shock when second-half bills show up late next month.

The state Department of Revenue says the disparity between Cook County property assessments and reality has only increased — and so they’re jacking up the state equalization factor by 13 percent.

The state applies the adjustment in an effort to assure that all properties state-wide are taxed at 33 percent of their actual market value.

The state says that after assessment reductions by the county’s Board of Review, the average assessment in Cook County was actually only 9.89 percent — lower than what it had been in comparison to actual sales prices a year earlier.

So the equalization factor will rise from 2.9786 to 3.3701.

County Treasurer Maria Pappas says her target date for mailing new tax bills now is Nov. 22.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. More shady stuff from Democrats

    In other words, property taxes are still rising.

    Ain’t it funny that our second tax installment, which usually comes in September or October, now won’t arrive until AFTER the midterm elections in November.

    Gee, I wonder why? And who benefits from this late tax bill that will shock property owners?

    Politicians who have a (D) next to their names.

    You’ve got one chance to return the favor. Vote Nov. 1!

    1. Shady stuff?

      Al, the Republicans don’t have a credible candidate running for Cook County Assessor.

      I agree with Zbesko – Forrest Claypool is the man.  I’m voting for him, and Preckwinkle, to clean up Cook County.  

      1. how do you define credible?

        So a person who has actually been an Assessor and has years of real estate experience is not a credible candidate? What defines a credible candidate or are you of the mind that any person running as a Republican can’t be credible? I think I already know the answer.
                    More then a year ago, I met former Evanston Township Assessor Sharon Eckersall who is the GOP candidate for Cook County Assessor. She explained the complexity of the Assessors office, the corruption at both the County and the Evanston’s Assessors office, and what she has planned to do about it. Eckersall actually used my property to illustrate how the County fraudulently inflates the value of property for tax purposes and then challenges us to hire lawyers to do something about it. My house was valued twice at what it is worth and I wouldn’t have known about it had Eckersall not shown me. I then compared my property taxes to some local elected officials and then I really learned what corruption looks like.
                    The corruption in the Cook County Assessors office is mind-boggling. Check out this web site about the disparity in what ‘connected’ individuals pay in property taxes and then compare it to your property tax bill.     
        http://www.speakermadigan.com/p/heres-some-information-on-board-of.html (the website is a bit edgy, but the facts are real).
                    What has amazed me during my brief venture in to politics is how someone like Eckersall – qualified, experienced, with no political connections can’t get the time of day from the local media. The Tribune last Sunday endorsed Toni Preckwinkle for County Board President and she supports Joe Berrios who even the Democrats admits is a crook. In the article, there was no mention of Eckersall.
                    I no longer question how we got in to this mess – it’s called corruption and a belief in a one party control of government. The question now is how do we get out of this mess and when we dismiss qualified candidates because of political affiliation, we get what we deserve – never ending tax increases and a dysfunctional government – in my opinion.
                    BTW – Eckersall predicted to me last February that the County would release the taxes after the November election. Politics as usual………
        Tom Fischl
        Former Candidate 18th District State Representative           
      2. Let’s get an Evanstonian in as Cook County Assessor

        So Dr. Who Knows, you would vote for Periwinkle who supports the candidacy of Joe Berrios  – a candidate so corrupt that even the Democrat party endorsed his opponent?

        Periwinkle, a union crony who ran against Stroger, touted she would lower county taxes but after defeating Stroger she now says she probably won’t lower the taxes? 

        BTW-Sharon Strobek-Eckersall is a qualified candidate for Cook County Assessor because she was the Evanston Township Assessor for years. And Eckersall is from Evanston!

        Evanstonians should vote for their own. Keep it local, vote for our Evanston gal, Sharon Strobek-Eckersall, as Cook County Assessor.

        You’ll be glad you did.

        1. Keep it local?

          Evanstonians should vote for their own. Keep it local, vote for our Evanston gal, Sharon Strobek-Eckersall, as Cook County Assessor.

          Keep it local, support our own.  The last refuge of scoundrels, NIMBYs, and Tower Haters.

          Apparently Eckersall’s ZIP code is her  primary qualification.  She didn’t do a good job running the itty bitty township office, now she wants Cook County?

          1. more then just a zip code

            I am sure former Township Assessor Eckersall would welcome a complete forensic audit of the Assessors office. You will find how her efforts were undermined by a former Alderman for political reasons, that her budget was slashed deliberately so she couldn’t help as many taxpayers as she wanted to, and that the city of Evanston failed to submit documents she prepared that would have made a substantial difference to Evanston’s tax revenue. Eckersall did all should could given she had one hand tied behind her back. On top of that, she was appointed by a Democrat and served all of the people, not just the politically connected. 

            The fear of Eckersall getting elected is not about her qualifications, it’s the probability of her exposing all the corruption and even some members of the GOP are concerned of what her honesty would reveal.
            And for any other reason to vote for her – she is not a lawyer.
  2. Why are property tax bills late…

    because of the very many tax assessment appeals.  Some favored property tax owners will get breaks on their assessments, increasing the burden on all the rest of us. This process is why having a fair and independent Cook County Assessor is so important.

    The Democratic Party of Evanston did something very unusual this year- it endorsed an independent, Forrest Claypool, over the Democratic candidate. Yes, by all means vote Nov. 1!




    1. The Democrat party runs a shady operation

      No Mr. Zbesko, the number of tax appeals is not the reason why the tax bills will be sent out in late November. Tax bills have never come as late as November and there are tax appeals every year.

      Even Maria Pappas says the November tax bill is a political ploy by her fellow Democrats.

      Say Mr. Zbesko, did the Democrat party endorse Mike Madigan?

      You know, Madigan is Speaker of the House and partner at the property tax law firm – Madigan & Getzenbenner, which represents banks, investment firms and developers – "all subject to decisions made by a state House in the firm control of their tax lawyer." And Madigan’s primarily role for his firm is to get clients. The Madigan law firm has benefitted from Madigan’s job as Speaker of the House.

      Madigan’s GOP opponent, P.J. Ryan, is an obvious Democrat plant.  Ryan, a union city worker, won’t interview with the media, has his alleged campaign headquarters in his mom’s basement and he voted in every Democrat primary.

      Why won’t the Democrat party at least put a GOP plant to run against Robyn Gabel so voters will have a choice on the ballot other than writing in Libertarian Steve Funk who the Democrat attack dogs kicked off the ballot? 

      Enquiring minds would like to know.

  3. Not everyone got small cuts—one got a 57% reduction

      One building I know got a 57% decrease, from Market Value [Assessor figures as 10 times Assessed] of $310,000 to $130,000 even though a unit sells for $295,000 and the real estate agent knows of no reason or building problems.   Yet other building got little or no decrease even though they sell at substantially less and below the Assessor’s Market Value.

      Neither the County or Township Assessor responded to why this occured.  Hopefully a promised response from the candidate for Assessor will explain why taxpayers have to pay for special deals for some.  But then again the whole process is ‘chewing gum and spit’—-they may drive by a place and  make a guess but never gather facts; if no one sold in some time the valuation probably won’t change; if someone sold for a high price just before the market dropped, the properties will be valued at that last sale if though current sale prices are a fraction. 

      Compare Valuations in the Evanston Review special section for properties you know.  Many smaller units in worse areas wil have valuations listed above larger properties in better areas—it all depends on guesses, who visited the home [and if competent] and when property sold. 

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