Here’s a recap of our live coverage of the forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters for candidates in the 18th District Illinois House Democratic primary held today at Evanston Township High School.

Here’s a recap of our live coverage of the forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters for candidates in the 18th District Illinois House Democratic primary held today at Evanston Township High School.

Above: The candidates gather just before the forum to draw lots for the order in which they would speak. From left: Eamon Kelly, Edmund Moran, Patrick Keenan-Devlin, Robyn Gabel and Jeff Smith.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Candidates
    As always, I was impressed with Patrick’s grasp of the issues facing Illinois citizens as well as his direct, articulate expression of what needs to be done in Springfield.

    I felt he stood out among the crowded field, and despite the fact that all of the candidates profess progressive opinions and positions, I believe Patrick has the know how and skills to get things done.

    Some may believe his youth should be held against him. Frankly, I see his energy and enthusiasm and determination and keen desire to be a legislator as wonderful assets to our community and to this state.

    Mitchell and I are delighted to be supporting him!

  2. A true progressive fighter for the 18th district
    Robyn Gabel is the true progressive fighter for the 18th district. I am continually impressed with her progressive democratic values and actions. As our state representative, I trust that she will hold our values high in these difficult political times.

    In 2005, the Chicago Community Trust recognized Robyn’s supurb leadership by awarding her its leadership award. This award is the local equivalent to the McArthur Genius Grants.

    Robyn doesn’t just sell her ideas to people. She seeks people’s opinions and learns about their needs so she can represent and advocate for those needs.

    Robyn takes people’s individual needs seriously. Recently, at Faith Temple, when a mother asked Robyn to help her with her foster child’s special education needs, Robyn new exactly who and which state agency the mother should call.

    Steve, Naima and I are thrilled to support Robyn Gabel as our next state rep!

  3. Robyn Gabel is the best choice
    Robyn Gabel is the best choice for progressives and moderates in the 18th district race. I am continually impressed by her proven leadership.

    It was no surprise to us that in 2005 Robyn was awarded the prestigious Chicago Community Trust’s Leadership Fellow grant, recognizing Robyn’s outstanding record of leadership and community involvement. This award is the local equivalent to the McArthur Foundation genius grants.

    Robyn is a life long progressive fighter who effectively works with civic leaders and individuals across the political spectrum.

    The folks of the 18th district to be well represented in Springfield, so experience and knowledge are vital. Recently at the Faith Temple Church in Evanston, a woman asked Robyn for help with her disabled foster child. Robyn knew the woman should call to get help and gave the woman the phone number and name of the adminstrator to call. She also gave the woman her phone number for follow up.

    Deb, my wife, and I are delighted to support Robyn Gabel as our next 18th district state representive.

    Sincerely, Steve Cohn

  4. Does Gabel want to end the private healthcare industry?
    Robyn Gabel proudly supports the Democrat’s healthcare bill, which no one seems to know much about since it’s being debated in secret.

    Gabel also proudly announces she is supported by Jan Schakowsky, who spearheaded a referendum in Evanston to take away the non-profit status of St. Francis Hospital in a strong-arm tactic to have that hospital unionize.

    Schakowsky was quoted at a townhall meeting last fall that she supports a single-pay government healthcare system and TO END the private healthcare insurance industry.

    Gosh, if you like this secretive healthcare reform by the Democrats, want to end your private healthcare altogether and support Democrat politician’s strong-arm tactics to get organizations to unionize – well – Gabel is your gal.

  5. Endorsing Robyn Gabel for State Rep
    When Robyn Gabel declared her candidacy for the 18th District Legislative seat, vacated by Julie Hamos, I was delighted that a woman had jumped into the candidate mix. I believe we need more women in local, state and national politics; but also know they need to be effective in style and substance. So before I made an endorsement decision I went to my colleagues in the not-for-profit sector who spend inordinate amounts of time lobbying in the Illinois Legislature for ever-diminishing funds for their agencies. I wanted first hand knowledge from people who have observed Robyn’s work in the legislature, where she has for 20 years been advocating for health care for women and children. From my contacts I learned that this physically tiny woman is a powerful force to be reckoned with – one who is a strategic thinker, a collaborative problem solver and a tireless advocate for her constituency. These are the traits we need in the person who represents our interests in Springfield and I trust my eye-witness sources!!!! I am endorsing Robyn Gabel.

    Dickelle Fonda

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