The Home Depot in Evanston donated two gas lawn mowers to the city’s Summer Youth Employment Program’s Community Service Team that helps maintain vacant properties in town.

“We really love helping the community and this is a great cause,” said Julie Landrum, manager of the store at 2201 Oakton St.

The youth team’s work cuts costs for the city, compared to contracting out the maintenance work, said Kelly Fitzpatrick, field coordinator for the city program, and until recently the team had to use old fashioned push lawnmowers to do the work.

“The two new lawn mowers will be very helpful when cutting the grass of these properties,” Fitzpatrick added. “It will be much easier and faster to clean up the properties and the new mowers will help to beautify the city. We are very grateful to the Home Depot for this useful donation.”

The Summer Youth Employment Program offers employment for Evanston students ages 14-18 during the summer months. This year the program helped 140 students find jobs doing various jobs around Evanston including office support, community service, helping the fire and police departments and working in recreational camps such as the Ecology Center and Chandler-Newberger Center.

Above: Community Service Team members with their new mowers outside the Home Depot store.

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  1. Wow! Two Lawn Mowers!

     It’s really great that a giant mega corporation such as Home Depot can still find it in it’s heart to make a donation to the Evanston Summer Youth Jobs Program.

    This wonderful donation made me wonder now whether the accounting department will have to revise the 2010 First Quarter Earnings Report from $725 million (as part of $16.9 billion in total first quarter sales) down to $724,999,645 or do you revise the Total Earnings number?  Because which ever it is, the people in the accounting department are going to be bummed out.

    Keep it up Home Depot!  Maybe next year you can throw in a box of trash bags.

    1. Greed gets you nowhere…

      some corporations do not publicize the donations made to various organizations. Over the last couple of years, I know that Home Depot has donated many thousands of dollars worth of materials to various Eagle Scout Projects (raised beds for the public gardens & handicap ramps to name just two) and other groups like Habitat for Humanity.

      So, yes I agree… Keep it up Home Depot. The quiet unpublicized donations that DO NOT get some politician’s face in the paper are more appreciated.  Oh almost forget: even trash & recycling bags for VOLUNTEER clean up crews where the CITY did not or could not or WOULD NOT supply even a truck for pickup.

      No, I’m not a shill for the place. I just know what I see and hear and know about, and as long as businesses like Home Depot continue to quietly support good works and volunteerism, I can continue to support them.

      Maybe you should throw those liberal shoes in another direction?


      1. Home Depot is great!

        I have to agree.  I have called to ask for materials for girl scout projects and their response is "how much do you need".

        They are wonderful for this community.

    2. Stop!

      Not everything in life should be an entitlement. 

      I know you would rather have everything, all the time, given to you as your God-given right.

      I know you hate capitalism, demonize success and fear competition.

      Ever consider how many people Home Depot employs, across every community they are in across the country?

      So stop your negative rant.  It is indicative for your political party.

    3. Thanks Home Depot!

       Wow! Let me get this straight Shoe Throwing Liberal, you’re busting on a company that has a profit margin, assuming your numbers are correct, of 4.28% ($725M/$16.9B). Frankly, regardless of their margins, which are dictated by the marketplace, we should be celebrating that Home Depot wants to give back to the community, even if it’s "only" two lawn mowers. Your cynicism is misplaced. Even if they’re doing it for publicity, the end result is good for all of us. 

      In the end we shall have had enough of cynicism and skepticism and humbug and we shall want to live more musically” – Vincent van Gogh

  2. Home Depot? It’s me, STL

    Are you there?

    I know I’ve said some things that hurt you and I’m sorry.  It’s just that when I heard you gave two lawn mowers to those kids I felt betrayed.  

    We’ve been through so much together.  I signed up for all your credit cards.  I bought my first refrigerator, my first washer, my first dishwasher from you (and it only broke 4 times) all the Christmas trees and sod and tool rentals and plywood and paint and carpet… After helping you decimate all the local hardware and building supply shops, not that you needed any help because those places were horrible but still..after buying so much of your stuff and…and…

    never getting so much as a phone call…

    I mean, I was there for you when you first opened up, remember when you were open 24 hours a day and we would hang out real late at night?

    You look so good in that photograph, did you get new lettering?  

    Maybe we can go get a drink sometime?

    Call me.

  3. The issue is not Home Depot but the City

    If I read the article correctly – the city has kids using push movers to cut the vacant lots – typical of the mismanagement of the city.  The workers do not have the correct tools to do the job.

    The wasteful youth job program – has long been mismanaged – what started out as a program to clean the alleys turned into the council’s political agenda, to have kids do all types of useless non value added activities such as art work to get paid.

    Thiey also need a employee to coordinate this mess, the streets and sanitation department did not want  to deal with using the kids and supervising them, so they had to create a "special program"  also they have a city car marked "youth summer job program’ – another waste of our tax dollars for a car used only in the summer?

    By the way this program cost over $100,000 a dollar a year – so why can’t it afford push movers?

    Lets not worry about Home Depot – lets focus on the real issue how poorly our local tax dollars are used!

    I am not against hiring youth for summer work at the city – but the department sshould be doing the hiring and management versus a "special" program – the problem is the city management staff can not even manage their regular employees and get results – so why bother to hire extra help?


  4. You say the summer youth

    You say the summer youth employment program is a waste of money but it’s really not. Because it keeps us, the youths, doing something. Not being out in the streets, we make money and clean the city.

    Also if the city didn’t have us they would waste money to hire companies to do the work we do for a bigger price.

    Think of all the elder.y people where helping and the community. And thanks, Home Depot.

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