Storm continues to pose challenges in Evanston

And don't look for it to start melting until Sunday.

A semi-truck got stuck in a snow bank while making a turn at the Home Depot shopping center on Oakton Street this afternoon and needed a tow truck to pull it out.

Evanston still is digging out from this week’s big snow storm, with streets narrowed by piles of snow and slippery sidewalks making walking challenging.

In response, the city is continuing its offer of free parking in its three downtown garages and several parking lots that had been scheduled to expire at midnight tonight through midnight next Monday.

You can find a full list of the parking lots that will continue to be available here. And another one is now added to the list — the Ecology Center lot at Bridge Street and McCormick Boulevard.

Getting cars off the street will help with snow clearing operations.

The National Weather Service says we shouldn’t see any more snow until Sunday. Shouldn’t be a whole lot then, but it will be the heavy, wet kind — because Sunday will also be the first day when temperatures are expected to get above the freezing mark.

We can then expect high temperatures above freezing through Wednesday, the weather service says, which could create some risk of flooding with all the melting snow.

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