Evanston pumpkins for change

Evanston real estate broker Alan May says he's put a new twist on an old family tradition this year.

With help from an online site called YesWeCarve.com, he's turned the annual carving of the family jack-o-lantern into the creation of a Barack O'Lantern -- suitable for display on many a liberal-leaning Evanston front porch this year.

More on Alan's blog, Activerain.com.



Major Discomfort

Well, that ought to put Hannity's panties in a big bunch. Oh my, talk about violating a unique American tradition. We're talking major Commie conspiracy here. Everybody head for the hills.

a Pumpkin You Can Trust!

Bill, thanks for picking up the story from my blog. The website www.YesWeCarve.com has many different templates, from simple to complicated... but they were surprisingly fun and easy to carve. And I think you'll find them on many Evanston porches, liberal-leaning not required.

And I'm not a broker, I'm just a RealtorĀ®, but thanks for the instant promotion.

and Billyquick... it's not a commie conspiracy, it's the democratic process at it's best. Choice! And just to be evenhanded I did post an image of a McCain O'Lantern too (although I called it Squash McCain).