New restaurant opens as election closes

Just before the polls closed Tuesday, Amy Morton and Nicole Pederson's new Evanston restaurant, Found Kitchen and Social House, opened for business.
Eater Chicago describes the bistro, in the Chicago Avenue space downtown formerly occupied by Gio, as eclectic and rustically designed, featuring "vintage pieces—couches, tables, lights, antler chandeliers and more."
The menu -- see it in full below -- features a mix of small plates, sandwiches and a short list of entrees.
The Evanston Review says the place also has a social benefit angle -- "hiring homeless employees to help give them a chance to achieve stability and become productive members of the community."
Found Menu



Hilarious menu

I applaud the effort, but the menu is a hoot. What on earth is Chicken Liver Mouse? It's right there on the Chef's Board menu (but right elsewhere).

Just what Evanston needs ...

Just what Evanston needs ... another restaurant.
If you're in Evanston and can't find a restaurant to eat at, you're just not hungry.



Joking and copyediting aside...

...I applaud anyone who risks it all to open a restaurant these days. And who knows? Maybe the local mouse was hand-fed the best Wisconsin parmisan available?
I'll be sure to try them at least once. I gave Gio one shot too. Then I returned to Dave's.