Another Belgian chocolate shop planned here

Leonidas chocolates, from the company website

If one Belgian chocolate shop in town is good, it would seem -- at least for chocoholics -- that two must be better.

And north Evanston likely soon will have a shop to compete with the existing one on the south end of town.
The Leonidas Chocolate Cafe now located in Wilmette plans to move to a vacant space at 1907 Central St.
Owner Ari Backman won approval from the city's Site Plan and Appearance Review Committee Wednesday, but still needs City Council approval to open.
The business models for Leonidas and the Belgian Chocolatier Piron at 509-A Main Street are considerably different.
Piron imports its chocolate and makes its candies on site, while Leonidas imports the finished candy from Belgium.
And Piron focuses exclusively on selling the chocolates, while the Leonidas shop will also offer gelato, expresso and pastries.