Found to reopen, Cheesie's to close

Paper has covered the windows at Found this week. (Jan Smith photo)

Amy Morton's Found restaurant on Chicago Avenue in Evanston is scheduled to reopen Friday with a new theme and a new chef.

The decor is shifting from 1920s Paris to "1960s Jackie O meets the Beatles, in India" according to a spokesperson for the restaurant.

New chef Bradford Phillips is also working up a new menu to go with the new theme.

Meanwhile, around the corner on Davis Street downtown, Cheesie's, a popular spot for Northwestern students looking for comfort food, plans to pack it in on Friday, according to a post on the venue's Facebook page.




I'm so confused by the

I'm so confused by the decision to revamp Found. I LOVE Found as is-- the food, the drinks, the decor, the vibe, the events. Why change such a unique, beloved Evanston spot? One of the best date night places in the area for sure. The newly proposed concept has me scratching my head as well...

In my opinion, The Barn is what's in need of a makeover (in the menu pricing, if nothing else). This news really saddens me.