About all those rug stores ...

One of the first of Chicago Avenue's rug stores -- in business nearly 100 years.

If you're like a lot of people, you've probably wondered why Evanston has a collection of at least a half dozen rug stores in a stretch of a few blocks on Chicago Avenue.

Well, WBEZ's Curious City wondered about that too, and discovered that it has advantages, for both customers and store owners.

Here's the story.



Taxes Impact Businesses

Very interesting article...thanks for sharing.

According to those interviews the long range future of the rug district is in doubt.  Some of the reasons are beyond our control -- changing decorating tastes, building owners thinking of selling and a younger generation not yet decided on continuing the family business.  But Evanston tax policy also got a shout-out.

First, the property taxes are too high.  Second, in their business selling luxury goods...sales tax matters.  It is a plus that our sales tax is lower than Chicago's.

Just a couple of things for the city council to think about as they consider raising the sales tax and hiking all sorts of fees (aka taxes by another name) to cover our deficit and fund "Affordable" (subsidized) Housing.  The rug businesses moved to Evanston because of a confluence of circumstances.  They can just as easily leave and congregate somewhere else.  Highland Park's sales tax is 8%.