Food beat: Open and closed

Diners were dining this noon at Chicago Hot Dog & Co. the newly opened hot dog joint at 1009 Davis St. in Evanston.

Looks pretty much the same as when the former occupant, the Greek-themed Yeero Revolution closed back in March.

Paper covers the windows this week and the sign says "temporarily closed" for renovations at Furious Spoon at 1700 Maple Ave.

Yelp reports plans to reopen the restaurant on Sept. 30, but there's also a rental listing for the property on LoopNet. So, stay tuned.

And if you've wondered why people keep opening restaurants in Evanston and elsewhere, the U.S. Commerce Department offered some insight this week. It says that spending at U.S. restaurants surged over the past three months by the largest percentage on record -- up 25.2 percent on an annualized basis.

Analysts speculate that Americans are spending their extra cash from tax cuts on dining out. But many restauratns have also hiked menu prices recently to keep up with higher minimum wages and rent costs.




Bill - can we get a side-by-side taste test / review, the new hot dog guys against Mustards? The people want to know...


Evan Stonian - don't forget Bill's on Asbury. I would be happy to join you for a taste test. If we had 3 places, it could be two at a time; winner of the first round takes on the third place....