Food beat: Bubbling up

The former Sushi Burrito location at 1565 Sherman Ave. in downtown Evanston is being prepped to reopen as Tealicious Bubble, joining the alternatives-to-coffee beverage category in town.

Falcon Eddy's the barbeque carry-out joint at 825 Church St., which put up a "temporarily closed" sign late in March, is apparently gone for good. An economic development report from the city says the building owner is seeking a new tenant.

1028 Davis St.

Over at 1028 Davis St. work continues to convert the former Studio Media recording studio space into a home for the first Evanston outpost of the San Francisco-based Philz Coffee chain. That will fill the front of the building, a chiropractor plans to lease the rest of the property, adding a new entrance on Oak Avenue.

And the former Taco Bell location at 1743 Sherman Ave. is being redesigned to become the home of a new restaurant called Bare Naked Bowls.