Quick-serve chain pizza shop closes

800 Degrees, the California-based quick-serve pizza chain, has closed its downtown Evanston outpost, a little over nine months after it opened.

An Evanston Now reader noticed the place was shuttered this afternoon, and calls to the restaurant's phone went unanswered during hours the business is usually open.

In addition the company website now says there are "no locations" near Evanston. 800 Degrees still lists restaurants in California and Nevada -- as well as in Japan and Dubai.

The restaurant, at 812 Church St. in the Sherman Plaza complex opened last October, several months after quick-serve pizza competitor Blaze Pizza opened just a block away on Sherman Avenue.



Any money from the city?

How much money did the City Council give them without any strings attached?


Doubt the City had anything on the line here. Just the latest bubble to pop.

Falafel is next.  

Beautiful space

Can't say I liked the pizza, and the service was not fast for a one minute pizza bake time, but I understand others thought it worth the wait. I was astounded by the work that was spent on the barebones Untitled space to dress it up. Odd that they threw in a few widescreen TVs too, but otherwise it was quite an investment on a huge space.

I hope someone doesn't come in, strip out the kitchen, and try to do a clothing boutique. Or another burger place...

Maybe it could be a new Dixie Kitchen spot we were hoping for! It's pretty close to where it was going to reopen...could the decor be brought to a little more New Orleans French Quarter style without too much effort?


Beautiful space, but...

I'm with you, Michael. I thought it was a beautiful space that unfortunately had about 10 times more seats than this joint actually needed. I never saw more than three or four people eating at 800 Degrees, where I thought that the pizza was mediocre. Just around the corner, Blaze Pizza was pulling off this concept much more successfully... and without nickel-and-diming on toppings.