Pet owners should not bring Fido to the market

The Friends of Evanston Farmers Markets have reminded pet owners that, except for service animals, their pets are not allowed to come with them to the downtown Saturday farmers market.

In a weekly bulletin to its members, the organization warns that “comfort” animals do not qualify as service animals because they may lack the training that service animals receive.

The author of the article recalled a visit to another market where a vendor had to throw out a whole pile of pastries because a dog had come into contact with them.

The Friends group also announced that Chef D’Andre Carter and his partner, Heather Bublick, of Feast & Imbibe will be back in the Friends tent tomorrow, from 9 to 11 a.m., for another cooking demo.

The Saturday market will be held, as usual, in the parking lot behind the Hilton Garden Inn Evanston and adjacent to the city’s Maple Avenue parking garage.  Market hours are 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.



no pets

That should be just plain old common sense.  Some people are allergic or terrified of dogs as well.   They don't belong around food and lots of strange people.

Allergic to Products

Some people are allergice to some of the products sold at farmers markets. Shell we ban the products or people? There is also danger from people on bikes shall we ban them?

not quite.....

You're missing the point.  Your analogy makes no sense....just snarky.

No dogs allowed

Evanston as a community is not dog friendly. After recently traveling through the US there are so towns who allows dogs in the farmers markets, outdoor restaurants, cafes and some stores.

Why are we so up tight?


People before dogs!!


If your defnition of dog friendly is that dogs can go anywhere people can go, maybe.

If your definition is that people are not welcoming and friendly to dogs, I disagree.  My dog has pals all over Evanston.  But I keep him under control and both he and I look for signs on who welcomes his advances.  His best pals are the homeless.

As in almost every case, the challenge is not with the dog but wth the owner.

Pets not allowed

This is so silly. I agree that Evanston is not pet friendly. You can take your dog to the Chicago farmers market why not in Evanston? When I took my dog and was walking on the sidewalk and not actually in the market, a rude city employee came up to me and said, "no dogs allowed". The location of the farmer market has out grown the location. I don't ask for much, but it would be nice to take my dog on one of my Saturday morning errands.

No dogs, no singing for you!!

Other Farmers Markets allow dogs so why did Evanston change its rules?

A musician friend of mine complained that Evanston has now banned musicians from singing at the Farmers Market. He said the reason given was because vendors couldn't hear. I don't know if this is true but that's crazy if it is.

What else have they banned?

Our Evanston government keeps making more and more rules of thing you can't do.

singing too loud

HI..just my personal opinion, but I volunteered a few times at the market...the designated singer(s) were SO loud that it was obnoxious.  People were avoiding the area they were in, and I was about ready to scream or go buy earplugs.......just saying because I was there.  I couldn't wait for it to be over!

No Dogs and No Singers

The Evanston Farmer's Market is a gem. In my opinion, best on the North Shore. One of the vendors told me they love coming to Evanston because it's always such a good turnout.  One of the consequences of the success of the market is the crowd. It's packed after 10:00 AM. Why do we need to complicate matter with dogs? Not everyone loves dogs, and no, they are not welcome everywhere. Not every dog loves crowds of strangers, either. As for the "singer," there was one performer in recent years I would have paid to stop "singing." Thanks to the market manager for intervening.