New museum to open here this month

Halim Museum at 1560 Oak Ave.

The Halim Time & Glass Museum, showcasing a rare collection of historical timepieces and stained glass, will open to the public on Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 1560 Oak Ave. 

Founder of the museum is Chicago real estate developer Cameel Halim.

In a release to the media, museum officials said that the museum was built from the ground up to house the collection, designed with open vertical spaces and ample ceiling height specifically to accommodate the very large stained glass windows and timepieces.

Timepieces on display will include a grandfather clock containing both a dulcimer and pipe organ – one of only eight known to exist in the world – and an elaborate elephant clock thought to have been in the summer palace of Russian empress Catherine the Great.

The Museum’s stained glass collection is a celebration of American artists and designers, including a collection of windows by Louis Comfort Tiffany and the work of Mary Tillinghast, one of the first female artists in the American School, along with the works and stories of many other artists.