Candidate bounced from D65 ballot

Peter Kaplan, in an image from his campaign website

Peter Kaplan won't be appearing on the Evanston/Skokie School District 65 election ballot after all.
As Kaplan explained to supporters on his campaign website, he forgot to include a required receipt from county clerk's office for the financial statement he filed there in the packet of filing materials he submitted to the school district on Dec. 17.
Despite that, Kaplan was included in an initial list of candidates provided by the school district and officials there only notified him of the omission and that he wouldn't be included on the ballot on Thursday, after the Wednesday filing deadline had passed.
Kaplan says he's considering running a write-in campaign and hopes to make a decision about that by next week, but that it seems like an "overwhelmingly daunting task."
With Kaplan off the ballot, that leaves just four candidates seeking four open positions on the board.
They are Sunith Kartha of 1309 Leonard Place, an attorney who filed Wednesday, and three candidates who filed Dec. 17 -- Candance Chow of 2614 Thayer St., who runs her own consulting business; Claudia Garrison of 1430 Crain St., a retired teacher who taught at Haven Middle School, and Tracy Quattrocki, the only incumbent in the race.



Intent vs. bureaucracy

If Mr. Kaplan had the receipt and simply forgot to include it in his materials, could he not appeal to the city elections board to be included on the ballot?  It seems to be such a minor oversight to exclude someone for this reason, especially one who would be a great addition to the D65 board!  
I would think that as a community, we should be encouraging people to participate in our school district boards, rather than excluding them for trivial matters.  It does not appear that he tried to cut any corners here.

I couldn't agree more

I couldn't agree more.  We are a small enough town to be rational.

Rules is rules

I am not confident in a candidate who does not cross every t and dot every i.
Suggests a lack of attention to detail.

I agree about attention to detail.

There has to be a minimal threshold for potential candidates to pass before they are entrusted with our children's educational decisions.  +

Rational for whom?

Maybe getting him off the ballot is the rational thing to do from the point of view of "school district officials."
This looks like Hardy Murphy doing what he can to keep his opposition off of the board.