No contest left in D65 school race

The District 65 headquarters building.

Incumbents running for Evanston District 65 school board seats in April shouldn't have to run very hard -- now that the only challenger in the election is set to be removed from the ballot.

The School Board President Sunith Kartha filed a petition late last month seeking to have challenger Nicholas Korzeniowski bumped from the ballot because he failed to consecutively number his petition sheets and did not have them properly signed and notarized.

At a hearing Wednesday Korzeniowski didn't challenge the arguments of Kartha's attorney, Scott Erdman, and hearing officer Christopher Cohen recommended that the county Electoral Board strike Korzeniowski's name from the ballot. It's expected the Electoral Board will affirm that recommendation.

In a statement, Korzeniowski said, "I fully accept the consequences of my errors, and will unfortunately not be on the ballot this April."

The action leaves just three incumbents -- Sergio Hernandez, Rebeca Mendoza and Anya Tanyavutti -- running for the three open seats on the board. All three voted to select Kartha as board president.



District 65 Board

Ms Kartha is too clever by half and won't be getting a vote from me. I also intend to ask the other board members if they supported her actions.

No contest in District 65

Well deserved kudos to Sunith  Kartha, Dist. 65 School Board President, for silencing what might have been a dissenting voice.