Course change at ETHS is aimed at female students

The Evanston Township High School Board of Education tonight will consider a course change aimed at attracting more female students to a computer science course.

Following on the success of an engineering design course for “self-identified female students,” the newly structured Introduction to Computer Programming  course is expected to have similar results, according to a memo from Pete Bavis, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.

It, too, would contain a section specifically designed for self-identified female students, he wrote.

Bavis added that no new courses are being proposed for next year, but changes in title and/or content are planned for 10 existing courses.

He noted that ETHS offers more than 250 courses and that in the past four years, the school has added 36 new courses and revised 86 courses.

“While we will be considering course changes for next year,” Bavis said, “we will not be adding new courses for the 2018-19 school year.”