‘Catching Light’ exhibit at Art Center

Hancock: "Living well in urban settings requires new ways of seeing beauty and staying connected to the natural world."

An exhibit titled “Catching Light: The Art of Architecture” is on display at the Evanston Art Center, 1717 Central St., through May 26.

Described as “an exhibition that considers the architecture and design of our intertwined natural and manmade landscapes,” it features the works of artists Heather Hancock and Jack Nixon.

Hancock uses the ancient medium of glass as a conceptual tool to explore contemporary ideas about mind, place, and information.

Nixon, a native Chicagoan, specializes in graphite drawings of Chicago landmarks and architectural details.

A highlight of the exhibition will be a panel discussion on May 16, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. , titled “Reflecting on Light, Architecture, and Design.”

It is described as a conversation between Hancock and Nate Kipnis of Kipnis Architecture; Jodi Mariano of Teska Associates; Pam Daniels, assistant professor of Northwestern University’s Segal Design Program; and Jeff Meeuwsen, executive director of Ragdale, about how art and design help us live well in the built world.

Additional information is available on the art center’s website.