Senior housing project moves forward

A revised rendering of the building viewed from the east, with the outline of the previous design shown in red.

Revised plans for a senior housing development that was initially approved nearly three years ago won approval from Evanston's Design and Project Review Committee on Wednesday.

Michael McLean of Condor Partners, LLC says the new plans call for a generally shorter building -- that the designers developed a solution that eliminates what had been a second floor devoted to parking by putting the parking underground. That added some cost, McLean said, but resulted in a better plan.

The revisions, he said, also reduce the number of memory care units in the building by converting the fourth floor from memory care to assisted living units. "We now don't think the market can support 60 units of memory care," he said.


A diagram showing the planned unit types on each floor.

The revisions to the plans are significant enough that they will also require approval by the Plan Commission and City Council.

A Plan Commission hearing on the changes is scheduled for July 24.

McLean said that he hopes to break ground for the project as soon as the plans receive City Council approval.

The development was originally proposed with an address of 1815 Ridge Ave., but because the building entrance will be off Oak Avenue, the plans now are to market it with an address of 1815 Oak.

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