'Blockbuster' development?

1211 Chicago Ave., back in the day when it still was a Blockbuster store. (Cook County Assessor's photo.)
Evanston officials have scheduled what they're calling "a significant announcement" regarding economic development for Friday afternoon at 1 p.m.
The venue they've chosen for the announcement is the former Blockbuster video store at 1211 Chicago Ave.
Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and Alderman Melissa Wynne, whose 3rd Ward includes the Blockbuster site, are scheduled to attend.
No word yet on what the announcement involves.  Update 2/17/11: It's Trader Joe's. See the new story.



Significant announcement?

Evanston officials have scheduled what they're calling "a significant announcement" regarding economic development for Friday afternoon at 1 p.m.
This is exciting...development is always good (I predict NIMBY opposition), and it is nice to see the Obama Recovery gaining steam.  I hope it is an IHOP.
What's going on at the recently closed Borders on Maple?  The sign indicates that the second floor has been leased.  Enquiring minds want to know who is moving in.  And part  of the ground level space has a 'Watch this space' sign, suggesting maybe something is moving in.

TJ's? Really?

With a Whole Foods and a Jewel mere steps away?  What a waste that would be!  A brewpub--now THAT would be something to get excited about!

Brewpub - See World of Beers

Jewels produce sucks and Whole Foods is expensive.  I prefer Trader Joe's to both of them in many of the foods I buy. Now I will be able to get the "specialty" foods that are more expensive at those other options for a better price! 
World of Beers is set to open in Fountain Square.  Win-Win!

Enough with the publicity stunts

I hope this is good news but why do city officials have to make this a public relations stunt.
Our city taxes went up 11 percent in the past two years so you would think they could show some respect and humility and not make us wait. Just tell us.
BTW- I wouldn't say this is an Obama recovery. The CBO today said real the unemployment rate hit 15 percent and is expected to remain above 8 percent for another two years.
Obama's Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner today said Obama's 2013 budget puts America on an “unsustainable” fiscal course. Geithner said the same thing about Obama's budget last year, which was voted down 97-0.
The United States Department of Treasury will reach the the statutory limit it is allowed to borrow money before election day.
Our deficit has exceeded $1 trillion for each of the last three consecutive years.
And Obama presented America the other day with the most expensive budget in U.S. history. The credit rating for Illinois and the United States has been downgraded. Illinois is in the worst fiscal condition in the nation.
Both Illinois and Chicago were deemed the most corrupt in the nation. Gas prices doubled in the past three years. Property taxes keep going up while property valeus keep going down. Foreclosures on the rise.
What's that about recovery?


Oh, here we go again, Dems -- blame Bush. When will this crap cease and our Dear Leader start taking blame for HIS malfeisances?? See the citation below...
The deficit will hit $482 billion in the 2009 budget year that will be inherited by Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain, the White House estimated ...

Deficits, parties, and name calling

when will people realize that aside from arguments about  moral "side" issues, there is no real difference between the Dems and REpublicans?
  Just look who finances both parties- In 2008, GOldman Sachs was the biggest contributor to Obama. In 2008, Goldman Sachs was the biggest contributor to Mitt ROmney.  Top contributors to McCain in 2008: MErrill Lynch, JP MOrgan CHase, Goldman Sachs, CItigroup.George Bush top contributors in 2004: MOrgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, UBS, GOldman Sachs, Pricewater House Coopers.   SEe the pattern?
Great website for information on who finances the candidates- www.opensecrets.org... Although, with recent campaign finance, impossible to see where the money comes from during this election cycle.
Until we all unite and demand an end to the revolving door policy, the government connected elite will continue their policies that hurt all the rest of us..
 Happy that Trader Joe's is coming to town!!   They are a life saver for working families.   Good job to Tisdhal on this one.

Haha an IHOP. Major Obama

Haha an IHOP. Major Obama Recovery that would be.

Oh Yes!

Considering I live right around the corner, this is good... as long as it is not a theatre troupe or arts center.
Bar, restaurant, grocery, whatever... but no more arts!
And not a damn indoor minature golf course.

Thats funny. I was concerned

Thats funny. I was concerned that it would be the same thing. I'm glad someone else sees the idiocy in the Evanston government