City adopts new sexual harassment policy

Evanston aldermen Monday adopted a revised sexual harassment policy to comply with a state law signed by Gov. Rauner last November.

The four-page policy defines different forms of sexual harassment under state law, provides a procedure for reporting allegations of harassment, prohibits retaliation for reporting allegations and specifies consequences for violations and for false reports.

Deputy City Manager Erkia Storlie said the city plans additional training for all employees this year on the policy. Under the state law municipalities faced a Jan. 15 deadline for adopting the new policy statements.

The full policy statememt is available online, starting at page 112 of the City Council packet.




I haven't read the document yet, but let's all hope that it covers ALL harrassment, not just sexua..there is way too much mocking, taunting,  and bullying going on...and it's never addressed.  It's just swept under the rug.   NONE of that should ever be tolerated for any ANY workplace.