Plot to disrupt election foiled

Viewpoint: Congratulations to Evanston’s Electoral Board for disrupting the plot by Alderman Brian Miller, 9th Ward, and his supporters to deny voters a choice in next year’s mayoral election.

Miller, in a post to his campaign Facebook page Sunday, claimed he was on a public-spirited mission in disputing the announced election schedule.

But he refused to answer questions from Evanston Now about why he failed to make public his objection to the schedule in a timely fashion and why he then had a campaign supporter use the schedule dispute to try to kick all his opponents off the ballot.

One local elected official, Ridgeville Park District Board Member Dan Coyne, this weekend called for Miller to resign as alderman and drop out of the mayoral campaign because of his attempt to disenfranchise the voters.

Given Miller’s poor judgment in office so far, we think it’s far more likely that the voters will get to judge him themselves at the polls.

The questions the Miller campaign has raised about the appropriate election filing schedule and the number of candidates required to trigger a primary need to be answered clearly in time for the 2021 municipal election.

But they should not have been used to try to deny voters a choice in 2017.

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Election Disruption Plot

Thanks, Bill, for bringing this background to light.,

Oust Miller?

Excellent observations. Thank you for your clear and concise writing concerning this troubling trend involving Alderman Miller.  I have been increasingly alarmed by the Suffredin clan taking a run for top public offices in Evanston. Will Evanston city council soon be run by career politicians and lobbyists?

Power Grab?

It is not susprising that this looks very much like a power grab by the DPOE and Cook County Board. Is this what everybody is thinking?

Miller's PAC money

I just looked at Miller's latest disclosure with the state board of elections and he is getting money from a northern Virginia PAC.

It is not uncommon for candidates to get non Evanston money, but a Beltway PAC?

Why would they be interested in Evanston? Miller has questions to answer.