It's election day

Today is primary election day -- the last chance for voters in Evanston and across Illinois to decide who they want to see on the fall general election ballot.

Poll open at 6 a.m. and will remain open until 7 p.m.

More than 1.5 million suburban Cook County residents – a record number – are registered to vote, according to Cook County Clerk David Orr.

“From the top of the ballot to the bottom, there are contests on both the Democratic and Republican sides that have generated a great deal of attention and interest among voters,” Orr said. “We’ve seen the impact of that interest in the number of people registered to vote in suburban Cook County, as well as the record number of people who’ve taken advantage of Early Voting and already cast their votes.”

Voters will be choosing candidates for governor and lieutenant governor and other statewide offices including attorney general.

Races for state house and senate are also on the ballot, with the only hotly-contested local race in the 17th District where five Democrats are seeking the party's nomination to represent northwest Evanston.

Here are some interesting statistics about tomorrow’s election:

Many voters have already cast their ballots during early voting -- 4,738 ballots were cast at the Evanston Civic Center -- which was the fifth highest total of any township in the county.

More information about polling place locations and who's on the ballot can be found on the County Clerk's website.

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Contrasts in Style; Jean & Jen

March has brought us the March Madness Basketball Tournament and the March Primary Elections.

Two totally different events, each with their own intrigue and personalities emerging into public view.

March Madness has unveiled Sister Jean, from Loyola-Chicago and she has brought love and joy to the
hearts of basketball fans around the world. She's a 98 year old firecracker who knows basketball and has
a passion for the student/athletes who represent Loyola University with dignity and class.

In contrast, the March Primaries have unveiled the worst in Illinois politics. The campaign for Jen Gong-Gershowitz exemplifies the "win
at all cost" mentality. Lie, deceive, and manipulate the big money political system that is imbedded in Illinois.
Her shameful advertising campaign has been condemned by the New Trier Democrats and the Evanston RoundTable, but interestingly not
by our current political state representatives. Their silence is deafening.

But to top it off, Jen had the audacity to post on FaceBook, "...I hope I've earned your trust and support to serve as your State Representative"

Hmmmm...I prefer Sister Jean's style.

Should JGG in fact win the

Should JGG in fact win the primary, the key question Chow/Luecke Democrats will need to answer is whether they will stoop so low as to vote for this lying, deceitful, manipulative candidate, from the big money political system embedded in Illinois, in November's general election. The answer should be obvious.

JB's money ?

If he wins the election, will he divest his wealth so he can be an 'honest' governor and really help the needy, or will all those promises of helping disappear like puffs of smoke ? Will he convince the rest of his extended family to donate almost all their wealth ?
Given his ads, I'd assume he is already giving 30% + of earnings to charity--yea sure.
I doubt he has even taken the Buffet/Gates pledge.