Lakehouse group hopes to restart talks with city

Tom Hodgman.

Despite having their proposal to lease the Harley Clarke mansion rejected by Evanston aldermen 7-2 last week, Evanston Lakehouse and Gardens President Tom Hodgman says, "This is not the end."

Following a meeting of ELHG's board, Hodgman said in a statement, "We still have a great plan, great partners and strong grassroots support."

Hodgman says ELHG will continue to develop financial support to advance its mission of preserving the Harley Clarke House and Jens Jensen gardens and developing experiential environmental education programs to foster appreciation of the environment.

“We look forward to re-engaging with the city whenever they are ready," Hodgman added.

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How many 'bites of the apple' do they get ?

Question is really how many bites of the taxpayer's wallet.
Seem they think if they keep coming up with dumb ideas, the Council will someday say 'this is not as crazy as past ideas' or get worn out with all the proposals, and give in.


When is it time to consider green space at the site? Financially responsible and people actually use the park!

I Agree

Tear it down if you do not sell it. Sell the bricks to help finance demolition. Remember the mansion is not part of the two parks surrounding it.


Tear. It. Down. No one will complain about a greatly improved view of the lake and increase parkland.

If it can't be saved in a

If it can't be saved in a fiscally responsible manner, tear it down and install something like Berger Park in Chicago, with a playground and cafe for all to enjoy the lakefront.

Lake Park Bistro South

This would be an ideal setting for what the City of Milwuakee has done with the Lake Park Bistro. Fine dining in an amazing setting that can also be used for special events. Milwaukee gets it, its about time Evanston thinks outside the box.