Evanston neighborhood secedes from Skokie district

That portion of northwest Evanston that petitioned to secede from the Skokie Park District had its wish granted by the Skokie Park Board Tuesday night.

Residents of the area bounded by Central Street, Crawford Avenue, Greeley Avenue, and Old Orchard Road had been paying taxes estimated at about $77,000 a year to the district, which some contended was double taxation, as they pay taxes to Evanston that support parks as well.

The noncontroversial issue was approved unanimously by the Skokie Park Board without discussion Tuesday night, following a public hearing on the issue last month.

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Speaking of Skokie

This has nothing to do with the related story. Could a fellow Evanstonian or even you Bill, please explain how Evanston residents don't qualify for the Skokie water park residential rates unless you live in zip code 60203,but all of Skokie can get a Evanston beach token at a residential rate? Took the family there today and was told since I didn't live in zip code 60203 but live in 60202 I had to pay full price. This seems a little one sided to me.

Day passes not included

Hi Mr. X,

Far as I can tell, by reading the literature from Evanston and Skokie, the reciprocal deal to offer beach and pool access at resident rates to residents of the other community only applies to season passes -- not one-day admissions.

(60203, of course, is in Skokie, though served by the Evanston post office.)

-- Bill