Dominicks to refresh store

The Dominicks supermarket chain reportedly is planning to renovate its store at the Dempster-Dodge shopping center.

Dennis Harder of Joseph Freed and Associates, which owns the center, told members of Evanston's Economic Development Committee Wednesday that the store will be getting a fresh look with new signage, painting and various interior renovations.

In addition, Harder said, the center will upgrade the parking lot outside the supermarket this spring.

Harder says the center, which has several vacancies, expects "some other tenant erosion."

He said he expects that the Washington Mutual branch at the center is likely to close in the wake of the bank's acquisition by Chase.

But he said he's received some letters of intent from potential new tenants at the center.

Alderman Ann Rainey, 8th Ward, said it was high time for renovations at the Dominicks. She said she has gone to a half dozen different Dominicks and this store "is by far the worst."

"The people in the store are great," she said, but the store lacks the amenities and extras that all the other Dominicks' have.