Fund set up for dead child's family

In the wake of the death of Oakton Elementary School student Aquan Lewis this week, the school's PTA has created an account at First Bank & Trust of Evanston to receive donations to support the family's needs.

School District 65 officials say many local PTAs, individuals, and the PTA Council of Evanston have committed their support. Donations may be sent to First Bank & Trust of Evanston, c/o Aquan Lewis Fund, 741 Main St.

The school district is continuing grief counseling for students and staff. Officials say classroom teachers are talking to children to reassure them that the adults in their lives are available to offer care and support, and parents have been encouraged to alert their child's school if concerns arise.



Memorial fund needs donations today (Feb. 10)

According to a post by an Oakton PTA representative on the 8th Ward Message Board,
"For anyone who is interested in donating to the Aquan Lewis Fund, we are trying to gather up donations by tomorrow. This fund was created by the Oakton PTA to help Angel Marshall pay for her son's funeral. We are still in need of donations, so please drop off a donation at Oakton School, 436 Ridge, or bring it to First Bank & Trust, 741 Main St.
Also, the funeral is set for Wednesday, Feb. 11. Visitation is from 9a-12p. The services are from 12p-1:30p at First Church of God at Ashland and Simpson. The funeral is open to the public."

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One Dollar challenge

Wouldn't it be nice if we could get everyone to put in just ONE DOLLAR...that's all...ONE DOLLAR to this fund. We could have the funral expenses paid up in no time.

And I'm pretty sure everyone has a dollar to spare, even in these trying times.

Just a thought.

Question re: Aquan's fund

How much more money needs to be raised to provide an appropriate funeral for Aquan ? I have already contributed $50 and will contribute more, but I'd like to know how much more is needed. Hopefully others can also contribute to this important effort. Our family's thoughts are with Aquan and his family.

Contact the Oakton PTA

If you go to the 8th Ward message board, linked below, and scroll through the messages, there is contact information listed (I don't want to post someone else's email address without permission) I would imagine you could also call the school.

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Update from Oakton PTA

From the 8th Ward Message Board:

I just wanted to update everyone to let you know...thanks to your generosity, and the generosity from nearly every PTA in District 65,and dozens of individuals in the community, the Aquan Lewis Fund was able to generate enough money to cover all of the funeral costs and related expenses.
I know Angel is very thankful for everyone's help.
Thanks again..
Julie Fleetwood
Oakton co-PTA President

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$4,000 raised Feb 10

From the 8th Ward message board today
Thank you to everyone who donated to the Aquan Lewis Fund today. In one day, we collected more than $4000! Truly amazing! Thank you so much for helping out and supporting Angel Marshall and her family in their efforts to pay for the funeral.

Of course, we are still taking if you would like to still contribute, you can take money to Oakton School at 436 Ridge or directly to First Bank & Trust at 741 Main St. in Evanston. Just make checks out to: Aquan Lewis Fund.

Julie Fleetwood
Oakton co-PTA President

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