Seals defeats Hamos

Julie Hamos, who has long represented Evanston in the state legislature, lost a close race in the Democratic primary for the open 10th Congressional District seat.
Hamos achieved a narrow lead in Cook County precincts, but lost to Dan Seals based on his larger lead in Lake County. With all precincts reporting the unofficial vote totals were 25,275 for Seals to 24,292 for Hamos and 2,811 for the third contender, Elliot Richardson..
Hamos recently moved to Wilmette to be within the district's boundaries.
Editor's note: We got the outcome wrong in an earlier version of this story because we neglected to include the Lake County precincts. Thanks to two alert readers, including Jim Caldwell, for pointing out the gaffe.



Julie Hamos

This is an incredibly sad day. Julie is one of the best and deserved this win.

Julie Hamos

With the results so close, Julie should consider a run as an independent. I'm sure she would get plenty of support. Advocates like Julie are too valuable to lose.

No Way!

Are you nuts? Julie lost, period. She does anything stupid out of spite, kiss your social security away while you say hello to Congressman Dold.

Julie Hamos would still have

Julie Hamos would still have her seat for the Evanston constituency if she had chosen NOT to move to Wilmette to try for the Kirk vacancy. That was her move/choice.


In her ambitious quest for higher office she did not charm many in the 10th ward. On state issues she is a hard worker and reasonably effective - as a U.S. Congressman, she would have been be a hawk (look at her website)!