Hands off that phone while driving

Evanston Police will start issuing verbal warnings Monday as enforcement of the city's new ordinance banning drivers from using hand-held cell phones.
Only hands-free cell phone use is legal under the ordinance, which also bans text messaging, sending, reading or listening to an electronic message or browsing the internet.
Police Commander Tom Guenther says the let-you-off-with-a-warning period will last just a week, and won't apply to drivers involved in reckless or negligent driving behaviors or drivers involved in traffic crashes associated with mobile phone usage.
The ordinance exempts "any person using a mobile telephone or on-board communications device for non-personal use in the course of ordinary business in their employment with a City, State or Federal agency or authority" and permits anyone to use a cell phone while driving to call 911.




No mention if the city council and other "connected officials" are still exempt from the law.

Nice to know the aldermen are as reliable as ever for looking after their own interests over that of the voters and regular citizens of the People's Republik.

If you're going to make the laws you should be subject to the laws.

Busted for cell phone use--NOT!!

I see more people ON their phones than NOT on and nothing is enforced. In fact, I was driving on Dempster near Asbury and a woman was holding her phone to her ear, slouching against the door with her mouth going and a POLICE CAR was directly behind her doing nothing. She made a turn and the police car kept going straight. I think anyone being "busted" for talking on their cell phone will be a rare fluke, unfortunately!

It's not illegal YET

Hello? The ordinance goes into effect Monday. No one can be stopped for phoning while driving until then.

Is it illegal now?

Is it really illegal now, and what is the fine for that?

Fine is $50 ... $250 if you're involved in an accident while on the phone.
-- Bill

The arrogance of our aldermen

How would police enforce the exemption portion of this ordinance?

Let's say an officer stops one of the city aldermen for talking on the cell phone. How would that officer verify the alderman was talking on the cell in official government business?

The purpose of the ordinance I think is to prevent a distraction while someone is driving. Someone please tell me what an aldermen or non-public safety employee could be talking about that would be so urgent to allow them an exemption under the law?

It seems our aldermen feel they are above the citizenry that elected them.