Two-car crash snarls traffic at Ridge and Davis

Two cars collided at Ridge Avenue and Davis Street in Evanston about 12:20 p.m. today.

Update 2:43 p.m.: Evanston Police Cmdr. Jay Parrott says a car driven by a 34-year-old woman from Wheeling was northbound on Ridge in the curb lane when it failed to stop for a red light and struck a westbound car on Davis driven by 49-year-old Evanston man.

The driver of the second car was taken by paramedics to Evanston Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released.

The driver of the first car and her three passengers declined medical attention.

The crash blocked traffic on both streets while crews worked to clear the wreckage, but traffic through the intersection has now been restored.



Ridge and Davis

Ridge and DavIs is a hazardous intersection for drivers and pedestrians. Speeding and running the light are regular patterns. Wish I could avoid it.

Mast arm traffic lights

What's the status on the Ridge Avenue upgrade to Mast Arm Traffic Lights? Yet another "failed to stop for a red light" accident that makes me wonder if better and more visible traffic lights could have prevented.

Not happening

Mast arm traffic lights on Ridge were rejected by the city, based on strenuous opposition from preservationists who believed they would deface the historic district. New post-mounted traffic signals were installed instead.

-- Bill

Preservationists should pay the insurance

Once again we see how the 18th Century Preservations halt public safety works.

If they want to halt better lighting, THEY should also create and fund an insurance fund to cover personal/property damage caused at those sites.

Perhaps if someone would take them in a ride in a car and introduce them to 21th century transportation and reality, they would give up their horse and buggy and realize this is a more dangerous world and they need to adjust to it.

Likewise if they [and other NIMBY groups] want to halt constructon, they should buy the proposed property at market rates.


All the lights in the world won't help a distracted driver. The number of cars I see speeding down Ridge while the driver stares down at their cell phone is truly terrifying.

Street/Traffic Lights

City needs to  look at the positions of the various signs and lack of tree trimming on Ridge. Approaching intersections from the South in some cases the traffic lights are blocked out until your almost at the intersection.  On residential streets the  planting of the trees over the years and growth have blocked out the street lights ( makes for walking in dark and potentially unsafe conditions). Seems to be a lack of trimming of trees.

Body Shop / Towing Scam – from the driver of the car

I was the driver of the 2014 Nissan hit on the driver side at 40 mph. I walked out of the car with the help of a concerned resident and witness to the accident.

Then the scam started!

When I was in the hospital, my wife received a call from David saying he was with the Nissan Dealership and had bad news. Your husband has been in a car accident and transferred to Evanston Hospital via Ambulance. The Nissan Dealer would like to have your car towed from North Shore Towing to the Nissan Dealer.

My wife was scared about the accident, didn’t understand why Nissan was calling and not the police but agreed to have the car towed to the dealership we purchased the car from.

The caller was really David from Richards Body Shop who is not a Nissan Dealer.

When we figured out the scam from Star Nissan (we bought car from) we contacted the insurance company and had the car towed to Imperial Body Shop.

Richards Body Shop charged $1,600 for storage & miscellaneous charge from Monday to Thursday and would only accept cash. No checks or Credit Cards for customers they don’t like.  

To this day we don’t know how David was able to get our home phone number and other personal details. We are going to let the insurance companies work out the details but believe we are not the 1st family to be scammed in Evanston.