More guns off the street

A gun found in the 1800 block of Howard Street.

Evanston police say they're continuing to take more guns off the streets this holiday weekend.

The 9mm semi-automatic handgun shown above was recovered in the 1800 block of Howard Street.

And a pellet gun described as being an exact replica of a real firearm was recovered from a suspect's vehicle in an incident on Saturday.

Last week Deputy Police Chief Aretha Barnes said officers had taken 57 guns off the streets of Evanston since a new enforcement effort began last September.




Criminal Control

Perhaps it would be more beneficial to get more criminals off the street. It's not the guns doing the crimes.

Absolutely correct

Sadly, liberals believe crimes are committed by inanimate objects like guns. More injuries are caused by blunt force trauma than guns. So will they ban rocks and bats? Gun control always increases crime. Australia banned guns and crime rate increased by 50%. Gun control has led to deaths of millions over the years via Communists, Fascists, Socialists. Chicago has the #1 homicide rate in the US and they have strict gun laws...oh I forgot ...liberals blame Indiana for the gun crime. I am sure it has nothing to do with the ever growing drug cartel members the Dems let into the country and out of jail. Gun control has nothing to do with decreasing crime and everything to do with more Fascist Government control.

Criminal behavior

That's right...make stricter punishments happen. Maybe people with ANY type of brain particles would (maybe) think about what they're doing. Too many slaps on the wrists for crimes.