Not a great day for a road trip to Springfield

The National Weather Service says the storm will move in later this morning.

The National Weather Service is forecasting snow for Evanston today -- but we're likely to get much less of it than in areas of the state further south.

Edger Cano of the city's Public Works Agency says we could get up to 1 inch of snow before it ends around midnight.

Heavier amounts are expected to impact central and southern Illinois.

It's already snowing to the south and west of us and many areas to our south are expected to get two to four inches of new snow during the day according to the weather service.

The Illinois State Police are urging motorists to stay home today -- saying there could be up to a foot of snow.

They've even posted to Facebook a list of alternative activities -- ranging from watching cartoons to organizing your sock drawer.

Cano says main roads in Evanston have been pre-treated in anticipation of the event and crews have been put on standby.