Gun recovered during traffic stop

Evanston police say an early morning traffic stop this week led to the recovery of a loaded Smith & Wesson handgun.

Police Cmdr. Ryan Glew says that about 1:30 a.m. Monday morning officers saw the driver of a blue Hyundai traveling west on Howard Street toward Asbury Avenue faill to signal for a left turn.

Glew says the officers, who recognized the driver as Andre Johnson, 25, of 2121 Darrow in Evanston, pulled the car over in the 7500 block of North Western Avenue in Chicago.

He says that when officers questioned Johnson about an odor of cannabis in the car, he turned over a plastic bag containing about 9.5 grams of cannabis, and later admitted that he had a loaded gun in the vehicle.

Johnson, who had a firearm owners ID car but did not have a concealed carry license, has been charged with felony aggreavated unlawful use of a weapon, a misdemeanor count of driving on a suspended license, traffic citations for no valid insurance and failure to signal a turn and a civil citation for cannabis possession. In addition his car was impounded.

He's been released on electronic monitoring and is due to appear Dec. 17 at the Skokie courthouse.