Two from Three Crowns reported hospitalized with COVID-19

Three Crowns Park (Google Maps).

Multiple sources say two residents of the Three Crowns Park retirement community at 2323 McDaniel Ave. in Evanston have been hospitalized after falling ill with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

One resident emailed a friend Monday evening saying that a person who'd been in the skilled care section at the Three Crowns had been diagnosed with the virus and hospitalized.

Her message said, "Everything has completely closed down -- no group programs at all. Guests, including family, cannot visit. We are given lunch and dinner plates at the end of our hall and must eat in our units."

She also said that residents are being urged not to leave the building.

Mayor Steve Hagerty confirmed Tuesday night that one Three Crowns resident had been hospitalized with the novel coronavirus and said that person was included in his Tuesday night count of five COVID-19 cases in Evanston.

This morning two different people with friends in the facility say that a second Three Crowns resident is now hospitalized with the disease.

A call this morning to Three Crowns Executive Director Phil Hemmer was not immediately returned.