Several Evanston streets will be closed from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday in connection with President Obama’s visit to the Northwestern University campus.

City officials say the following streets will be closed:

  • Sheridan Road from Dartmouth Place to Hinman Avenue.
  • Chicago Avenue from Clark Street to Sheridan Road.
  • Foster Street from Sherman Avenue to Sheridan Road.
  • Emerson Street from Sherman Avenue. to Sheridan Road.
  • Orrington Avenue from Foster Street to Emerson Street.

Planned road closures, in red, for the president’s visit. (Map from Google Maps.)

Obama is scheduled to speak at about 1:15 p.m. at Cahn Auditorium at Emerson Street and Sheridan Road.

In addition, parking will be banned from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday on Orrington from Foster to Emerson, Foster from Orrington to Sheridan and Emerson from Sherman to Orrington.

Only resident vehicles needing access to their homes will be allowed within one block of the street closures north of Emerson Street.

All drivers planning to use Sheridan Road after 11 a.m. are asked to find alternate routes.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Will the President reimburse ?

    Will he cover the Evanston police [others] costs for directing/blocking the traffic ?

    NU and other people's lost time [by $$] getting around to their classes, offices, police barracdes ?

    Those reimbursements should come from his campaign funds or his party's funds—after all this is a policical speech no matter how he tries to disquise it—I assume he wanted an excuse to say the taxpayers should pay all/part of his trip to Evanston/Chicago to campaign for the governor.

    1. Go back to drinking your tea.

      Go back to drinking your tea. Did W pay for all of his trips, especially to where he spent a majority of his time in office… Texas? And H.W. and Reagan?

    2. No president in the last 50

      No president in the last 50 years paysfor trips like this. Though in one aspect, Obama has taken the freebee to new levels by having the American public pay for the world wide vacations of the wife and kids. Obama is a taker, not a giver. His time is running out for him, as the public and world becomes more aware of his failed presidency.

      Northwestern will probably pay since they asked Evanston to block off those streets. I fail to see how this will keep Obama off their campus.

      1. Cure for ODS

        Not to worry, skipw…the cure for your Obama Derangement Syndrome is coming in 2016. 

      2. I can hear your dog whistle

        " Obama has taken the freebee to new levels by having the American public pay for the world wide vacations of the wife and kids. Obama is a taker, not a giver. "

        First, the myth that the American public pays for Michelle Obama's vacations has been thoroughly debunked. Personal expenses for vacations for Michelle (and her mother and kids) are paid for by the Obamas, not the taxpayers.  Yes, the government provides security – just like it does for both Bushes, Nancy Reagan, and Jimmy Carter (and Dick Cheney got his protection extended).

        I'm sure that Lee Atwater and George Wallace would be pleased by your "Obama is a taker"  and "freebee" dog whistle.  

        For those who can't hear the dog whistle, let me explain:  

        According to Tea Party mythology, non-white people ( blacks, Mexicans, "illegals" ) don't like to work, and expect the government to give them "free stuff"   ( welfare, 'Obama phones', health care) that is paid for by "hard working" (i.e, White) Americans.  

        These are called "entitlements" because the "takers"  have a sense of entitlement, unlike us Regular Americans who work and earned our Medicare, Social Security,and other government benefits that we like.

        1. Calling the Tea Party racist is dog whistle for ignorance

          The Tea Party stands for Taxed Eenough Already. There are many Tea Party leaders who are not white. To suggest the Tea Party is racist is dog whistle for ignorance and hate.

          Here are some of the Obama presidency’s leisure spending items to date via FOI:

          Since 2009, a total of $40,000,000 has been spent.

          • This year’s Presidential golf outings to California and Florida, including $3,000,000 in flight expenses.
          • 2013’s Africa trip and Honolulu vacations for the Obamas cost $16,000,000- for flight expenses alone.
          • 2013’s Ireland trip tab: $8,000,000.
          • Michelle Obama’s 2-day side trip to Dublin cost $250,000, including a $3,500 per-night suite.

          The White House earlier this year conceded that the federal treasury will foot the bill to fly First Lady Michelle Obama back to Washington, D.C. on a separate government aircraft after she finishes her extended vacation at the palatial 12-bedroom Hawaii home of talk show legend Oprah Winfrey

          The Obama's vacations to Hawai to date will cost taxpayers in excess of $20 million. Obama's 17 day Hawai vacation last year cost taxpayers $4 million.

          In August, Democrats and Republicans criticized Obama for visiting two fundraisers during his trip to Texas without taking a trip to survey the ICE detention facilities holding thousands of illegal immigrants, mostly children who were streaming across our southern borders. The Obama's then took a 15 day vacation to Martha's Vineyard.



          1. GOP Tools

            My headline refers to Anonymous Al and the publication he cites. Here's a description of IJR, which proudly claims it "frames" more than "reports": 

            "…And while the [IJR] site is unknown among the Washington, D.C., conservatives who dominate the movement media, it is a Beltway product, owned by a company founded by two well-connected Republican political consultants, former Tim Pawlenty adviser Phil Musser and Alex Skatell, a former staffer for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

            "Like Upworthy, the site is focused on framing, not reporting.

            “We don’t have a traditional masthead model,” said Musser, a co-founder of Media Group of America. “We’re looking for relevant, timely, and quality content to serve our audience.”

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