Student frightened by comments

In the wake of two incidents in the past week in which a man tried to lure school girls into his van, Evanston police today reported another somewhat similar incident.

Police Commander Tom Guenther says that on Monday afternoon a 10-year-old girl heading home from Oakton School was walking in the 200 block of Asbury Avenue when she was approach about 3:50 p.m. by two Hispanic males driving an older model, two-tone gray and brown pickup truck.

The student said the pickup truck slowed down and the passenger started talking to her, saying “Hey, pretty girl,” which he repeated several times.

Guenther says the student, alarmed by the unwanted attention, ran to her grandmother’s house and reported the incident.

The passenger in the pickup truck is described as a male Hispanic, 25-years-of-age, with dark hair styled in a ponytail He was wearing a blue shirt and spoke with a Spanish accent. The driver is described as a male Hispanic, with dark hair, wearing a white tee shirt.

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