Students and others protesting gun violence gathered this morning at Fountain Square in downtown Evanston and other locations.

The Fountain Square gathering reportedly drew students from Beacon Academy, Roycemore School and Chiaravalle Montessori School.

Another demonstration drew students from Evanston Township High School to the school’s football stadium this morning and there was also a demonstration on the Northwestern University campus.

The events were part of a national protest calling for increased gun control efforts in the wake of the fatal shooting of 17 people last month at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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    1. You’re going to be quite
      You’re going to be quite disappointed then, because Millennials are as split as every other generation on gun rights.

          1. Gun contol
            I agree. 300 million legally registered guns in USA. No one is offering to give then up. Visit the rural areas where everyone owns one, legally. Definitely the gangbangers are not relinquishing their illegal weapons. Evanston Skokie aRea does not represent the
            Majority of Americans. Sadly!

      1. There is near universal
        There is near universal support among voters of all generations for most forms of gun control. The split is between voters and elected officials, who only represent the interests of a tiny minority of paranoid gun hoarders.

        1. Near universal?
          Clearly you don’t know anything about the issue. There is FAR from ‘universal support’ and your description of gun owners as ‘a tiny minority of paranoid gun hoarders’ reflects your bias. This bias only hurts efforts at any meaningful gun control legislation.

          1. Polling results link

            This was a good example of how people think about gun ownership and regulation. Thank you for the link. 

    2. Voter Registration
      Illinois law allows for anyone who will be 18 by the November election can register AND vote in next week’s primary.
      Pass the word!

    3. If students want something done they should vote Republican
      It’s funny how this walkout was organized by the Woman’s March that is really an anti-Trump organization.

      It’s also funny that I do not hear demands to make our schools safer. Instead, I saw signs against the NRA, the governor and the president as if they are responsible fro Cruz’ actions.

      It’s now come out that Cruz’s psychiatrist told his mom to remove all sharp objects in the home and the teen said he was going to shoot up the school. All that psychiatrist had to do was contact authorities or the state and federal gun registration program. Everybody in the government including teachers and administrators and the deputies who refused to charge toward the shooter dropped the ball. Not the NRA.

      The Broward County superintendent bragged that there were less arrests in his schools due to his policies of not arresting violent students. It’s the same policy D202 and D65 have. That should be the topic of our local conversation and the source of protests, asking our school bureaucrats how they will make our schools safer..

      Before the Parkland shooting, thousands of young men have been shot down and killed in Chicago streets in the past several years. But there were never any protests despite the fact Chicago, Cook County and Illinois have strict gun laws. Why? Because these liberals organizing these protests don’t care about them. It’s not politically advantageous to protest all of these murders in Chicago and Cook County because the Democrats have absolute power in Chicago and Cook County. There are no Republicans to blame.

      Our high school kids are being indoctrinated. Someone should tell them that in a few years when they enter the workforce they will find that good jobs are leaving Illinois and that Illinois, at the helm of Democrats enjoying for decades a supermajority, is in the worst fiscal condition in the nation. They will face the can kicked down the road by our generation because government unions, including the Teacher’s Union, nearly always support and vote for Democrats because Democrats won’t do anything about the unsustainable pension system that is bankrupting our state.

      The Democrats time and time again refuse to solve any problems, including gun control. All the party does is rile up special interest groups, create fake outrage and protests and blame Republicans, calling them racists, bigots, sexists and nazis (Pelosi called the Tea Party that). We’ve had Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter now #Me Too. All time perfectly for election season. Anyone notice Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street no longer protest? The money is going to this woman’s march group. Democratic financier Tom Steyer donated $1 million donation to the cause.

      These students should register and vote out every single Democrat.

  1. Proud

    So proud. And the reason we made it on ABC World News Tonight is that students called their legislators. They did not just stand in silence. “Parent,” if your child was too uninformed and too uninterested to learn the importance of this student movement then maybe, “Parent,” you should have taken this opportunity to make the word “Parent” into a verb, not just a noun, and help your child, and yourself, GET educated and interested in this very urgent, important issue. Ignorance and apathy are no excuse. Children are dying.

    1. You need to expand your

      You need to expand your education outside of Facebook and cnn. Children ARE dying. The whole country is dying. And it’s not because of republicans or the nra 

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