Survey: Don’t cut off traffic on Green Bay


Most Evanston residents participating in a survey said no to closing off traffic on Green Bay Road between Emerson Street and Asbury Avenue.

Instead, city officials say, they favored a plan to reduce Green Bay from four traffic lanes to three.

City Engineer Sat Nagar says 480 people participated in the survey. The results showed:

  • 62 percent favored the three lane approach that would keep Green Bay open to traffic in both directions.
  • 24 percent favored limiting Green Bay Road to one lane northbound, with southbound traffic shifted onto Asbury Avenue.
  • 18 percent favored turning Green Bay into a cul de sac at Emerson and shifting both north and southbound traffic for that block onto Asbury Avenue.

The totals exceed 100 percent because participants were able to rate favorably more than one option.

Nagar says the proposed project, which also involves replacing existing traffic signals and adding a new one at Emerson and Asbury, would result in substantial improvement to traffic flow and more green space or streetscape area under all of the options.

But the one residents favored results in the smallest loss of on-street parking spaces and causes the least disruption to existing traffic patterns.

The survey respondents also favored, by 64 percent to 36 percent margin, extending the three-lane traffic pattern on Green Bay north to McCormick Boulevard.

Nagar says that ideas for improving the appearance of the railroad viaduct at the intersection will go through a public hearing process next year as part of an effort to develop standards for improving all the viaducts in the city and that upgrades to the Emerson-Ridge-Green Bay viaduct will be a pilot project for the broader scheme.

Nagar says the city hopes to finish design work on the project next year and construct the roadway improvements during the summer of 2016.

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