A 21-year-old Evanston man was charged today with firing shots across the street from Evanston Township High School about 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Police say Terrance J. Gunn, 21, of 112 Custer St., got into a dispute with another person in the front yard of a home in the 1600 block of Dodge Avenue.

Cmdr. Jay Parrott says both pulled guns and began exchanging shots.

Gunn, who fled on foot, was captured in the 1700 block of Darrow Avenue by police already in the area. Parrott says they found him in possession of a .22 semi-automatic pistol.

Parrott says shell casings recovered from the front yard of the home where the shooting took place indicate a second weapon was used in the incident.

Police took a second person into custody, but witnesses were unable to identify that person as the other shooter, and police have been unable to locate the second weapon.

No charges have been filed at this time against the second person.

Gunn, a convicted felon, has been charged with unlawful use of weapons by a felon, possesion of a firearm with an altered serial number and possession of a firearm and ammunition without a valid firearm owners identification card.

He’s scheduled to appear at 9 a.m. June 27 in Skokie district court.

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Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Another offender

    And I suppose he needs "guidance" and "programs." My priority used to be sending my kids to school to get a quality education. Then it was sending them to school and hoping they could avoid bad choices. Now I just want them to come home alive. What can we do as a community to keep these offenders from killing our children? I am P****D! And Evanston wants more low income housing??? Wake up neighbors!!

    1. “& Evanston wants more low income housing”

      How dare you condemn the entire community for the actions of children who have made poor choices in life.  Its easy to lay blame while you sit in your cushy environment…instead why dont you reach out to those families that need help with their children before its too late, Wake Up Neighbors!

      1. No need for more low income housing

        How should the Evanston community determine if more low income housing is needed?

        What criteria should be used?

        Today, 45% of ETHS students are eligible for Free & Subsidized lunches. That is up from 25% in the last 10 years.

        Should we encourage more low income housing and increase the percentage to 50%, 60%, 70% at ETHS?

        Many of my neighbors and friends (including myself) are struggling to make ends meet. Our budget doesn't provide for a lot of extras and savings to plan for the future – college educations, weddings, vacations, replacing my 10-year-old car, retirement – so should we encourage more low income housing and put increased demands on city services and schools?

        In my opinion, there are plenty of available rental properties and housing stock that are "affordable" if you want to live in Evanston.

        We do not need to subsidize more low income housing in Evanston.

        I'm interested in other views on this issue.

        1. The truth about affordable Housing

          Evanston far exceeds the fair housing groups standard for affordable housing – well over 25% of the housing here is affordable.

          The City needs  to keep on getting these funds, so they can keep on handing this money out to groups that keep on wasting it. It's pure patronage of our tax dollars. There are so many of these project that have failed its not funny.

          The 5th Ward is a mess, because the zoning is a mess, and the current council and mayor are making it worst.

          The large new housing project will only future destabilize the area.

          The truth of the matter is the 5th Ward should have long ago been under better zoning control that did not allow it to create so many non-conforming properties.  Some on this site do not like the R1 label, but less density would have clearly made the 5th Ward a better neighborhood.  Orginally it was zoned R1, but due to the large amount of multi-family uses, it lost its R1 zoning.

          1. Can you post a link to where

            Can you post a link to where information can be found on this development please. Thankyou.

        2. My thoughts on this issue…

          I'd like to know how a report on a crime and the arrest of the perpetrator triggered your "Chicken Little" like rant about low income housing in Evanston.

      2. The man charged in this

        The man charged in this shooting is 21 years old–not a child.  And his "poor choices" could have easily resulted in the death of innocent bystanders.  I am doing everything I can to keep the young people in my family from making these kinds of "poor choices" . How about some personal responsiblity from the grown man charged in this crime?  He fired the gun, the blame is all his.

      3. Cushy,… Not at all. Grew up

        Cushy,… Not at all. Grew up in Chicago's public housing. Single mother who worked 2 jobs. I will skip all the rest in-between.. it's deep and depressing but I survived. I graduated from college and do what I can to guide my kids in making the "correct" choices. I currently work two jobs not so my kids can live the good life, but so they can have access to resources and live in a safe community. This "Offender" is 21 as the news is reporting, and a convicted felon. How many chances does he need? Yes, please wake up before he shoots your child next. You can be liberal, but don't be oblivious to the moral decline that is decimating our community.

      4. What would you suggest we do?

        Please suggest what WE should do!!!  Specifically!  It's easy to "lay blame" on the "problem"!  I would love to reach out but fear getting shot at in the process!

    2. Agreed!

      Honestly, get rid of him and use the programs and guidance for the ones we still have hope for.  I can have hope for this thug while he's in jail trying to find God but get him out of here now!

  2. I’m not in the profession of

    I'm not in the profession of law enforcement but I was wondering about the charges filed in this case. If you shoot at someone, regardless if you hit them or not, isn't this considered attempted murder?

    1. All charges have to be

      All charges have to be approved by the States Attorneys Office which is like pulling teeth apparently.  Once they are arrested, it is really out of the hands of the Police and up to the States Attorneys. 

  3. And near a school?

    My thought on the attempted murder charge as well. And how about enhanced charges for shooting a gun within so many feet of a school?

    If the allegations are true, our community needs to be rid of this person for a long time. 

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