Tables and chairs disappearing from Fountain Square


If you’ve noticed a thinning of the herd recently among the tables and chairs placed in Evanston’s Fountain Square — you’re not just imagining it.

Alderman Judy Fiske at Tuesday’s 1st Ward meeting asked residents of the Sherman Plaza development across the street to keep their eyes open for people stealing the tables and chairs.

She asked residents to call 311 if they see the furniture being removed.

In response to a resident’s comment that the furniture should be labeled with prominent “Property of the City of Evanston” signs, Downtown Evanston Executive Director Annie Coakley said the items all have City of Evanston tags.

Fiske said, “We were trying to be friendly, warm and fuzzy” by not making the city branding very prominent.

There are surveillance cameras in the square, but they apparently haven’t been effective in letting police identify who’s making off with the colorful, and light-weight, street furniture.

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