Target customers to get best garage parking slots


Customers at the planned downtown Evanston Target store will have exclusive access to some of the best parking spaces in the Sherman Plaza garage under a lease scheduled to be approve by aldermen tonight.

The lease calls for reserving 26 spaces on the east side of the third level of the 12-story garage — the spaces closest to the elevators providing direct access to the store — for Target customers.

The spaces would be marked with a one-hour time limit, and customers who observed that limit could, under the current garage parking fee schedule, park in the garage for free.

The city plans to make the spaces available at no charge to Target, but customers who spent longer than an hour in the garage would have to pay regular garage fees and would at least potentially be subject to the risk of getting a ticket.

With Target scheduled to be open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., the city could hypothetically lose as much as $151,840 in annual revenue — compared to having the 26 spaces filled by customers paying the $2 rate for two hours of parking.

But since the garage is hardly ever full, officials anticipate any revenue impact will actually be quite modest.

City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz says, “Trips to Target will not exceed one hour in most cases regardless” of how long the parking time limit is.

“We want there to be easy in and easy out to support use of the store for those driving,” Bobkiewicz said, adding, “We plan to carefully monitor the spaces and have ability to reduce number dedicated for Target if not all are being used.”

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