A 14-year-old Evanston resident is in the county juvenile detention center facing charges in connection with the attempted armed robbery of a 26-year-old Evanston woman Sunday night.

Police say the woman told them that as she stepped out of her car after parking it behind her residence in the 2000 block of Ridge Avenue just before 7 p.m., three male subjects confronted her. One pointed a handgun at her and demanded money.

As she was taking money out of her purse, police say, the offender tried to grab the purse and struck her on the head with the gun. At that the victim screamed and the three offenders fled.

Police say the victim then ran to her residence and called police with a description of the would-be robbers.

Officers responding to the call detained subjects seen in the area that matched her description and, in a show-up conducted on the street, the victim identified one of the subjects as the youth who’d tried to rob her.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. I am married and live
    I am married and live downtown. Stories like this, and the also recent news about Evanston’s public schools, only give me more reason to move away once we start having children.

    I really feel for this woman and hope she is alright.

  2. Handguns are out of control!!
    Where can we move to be away from handgun fear?

    Is there any community without kind of stories of school threats or teenage robbery with handguns? Handguns are everywhere in this country unfortunately.

    A lot of recent school incidences are occurring in nice communities all over the nation.

    If anyone has statistics of how many police reports for teenage handgun crimes, I would like to know. How many police reports are there per day in entire nation?

    We need to really question handgun control policy and attack the root of problem.

    When it comes to gun control, United States looks like third world country to see that teenagers are freely getting possession of hand guns. Human life appears too cheap in this kind of environment.

    IT IS OUT OF CONTROL! Clearly society is not benefiting from having handguns easily available to public.

    Which one of below has higher chance of occurrence?
    1. You or your family being a victim of handgun by people from own country.
    2. You or your family being a victim of foreign security threats (Nuclear weapon or terrorism)

    I truly believe number 1 has higher chance even though I do not have any number support my judgment.

    Does any one has statistics of following?
    How many victims of handguns are there in the US in last 10 years?
    How many victims of foreign security threats are there in the US in last 10 years (Including 9/11)?

    If you agree, do you find it strange that our government is focusing so much on foreign threats but have not looked at domestic threats due to handguns? Why does everyone seems to accept the fact that we have handgun threats and issues and continue to live with the problem?

    We need to speak and demand for handguns to be banned to government. Let’s focus on domestic handgun threats as much as foreign security threats!! Please help us to remove handguns out of this nation!!

    We cannot get rid of teenagers causing troubles but we should be able to get rid of handguns. It is people’s choice to make to get rid of handguns, right?

    Many countries choose not to have handguns in public. Why not US?

    Why have a gun?? Many will say it is for our own protection…..

    Even if you own a handgun, you will likely get shot first by criminal before you get your gun ready to use against criminals when you face the bad situation confronted by them…

    So what is the point of allowing civilians to own at all? Doesn’t policy favor criminals who are more experienced with hand guns over civilians?

    How does the policy to allow civilians to own a gun protecting civilians? It only seems to favor criminals to take advantage of handguns to victimize civilians.

    To exaggerated my point of view…

    If so many people can possess handguns so easily, Gap should consider start selling Bulletproof jacket soon. Will that make us feel safer? It may be the only way to feel safer, if we cannot get rid of handguns.

  3. Crime in Evanston is not about hand guns!
    Crime in this town is not about Handguns – but the criminal element involved in attacking people on the street here. It appears to me people are being attacked more and more by groups. The majority of the attackers appear to young black males. I think the police and city council have no answers but to just continue to arrest them.

    This type of activity is not happening in the other north shore suburbs. Handguns are not even involved sometimes.

    The vicitm of the robbery could have been attacked with a knife or other object with the same effect, the handgun had nothing to do with it.

    It appears to me this kid will be in court as a adult since he used a gun in the attack, that may be the end effect of his use of the hand gun had he used a knife or just beat the person to the ground he might still be under junvile court system.

    I am not for guns – but the crime in this town is not a functionn of hand guns but the criminal element that lives here.

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