Temporary shelters opened for Evanston homeless


Connections for the Homeless announced late today that the new temporary shelter it opened today in MacLeish Hall at Lake Street Church is already full.

Fifteen male-identifying and five female-identifying participants are now being housed at the facility, the group says.

Also this week, 11 homeless people have been moved into a local hotel and several women have been temporarily housed in a 5th Ward home that the ward’s alderman, Robin Rue Simmons, had recently purchased as a rental property, after she offered to make it available.

Many locations that typically provide daytime refuge for homeless persons, like the Evanston Public Library, have been shuttered to help meet social distancing goals aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19 and providing overnight shelters with sufficient separation between beds has become a critical issue.

More information about support activities for the homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic is available on the Connections website.


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