‘Tentative agreement’ reached in teacher talks


Paula Zelinski, president of the District 65 Educators’ Council, told Evanston Now that a “tentative agreement” was reached with the Evanston/Skokie School District 65 negotiating team on a new teachers contract at 3:30 a.m. today and that a joint statement between the two parties is in the works.

Candance Chow, president of the District 65 School Board, confirmed that “we will have something for you soon. Stay tuned.”

The two sides have been involved in negotiations since this summer, but teachers have been working without a contract since the last four-year contract expired in August.

They worked into the night on Friday, then resumed negotiations at noon Sunday and kept at it until a tentative agreement was reached, according to Zelinski.

If approved by the membership of DEC and by the school board, which is considered likely, the orderal will be over. What was unknown at midday Monday is whether the final agreement is for a full four-year term, as the board desired, or for a one-year temporary deal, which would guarantee additional effort while the system digests actions, or the lack thereof, by state and federal governments that have been uncertain about their respective funding for education.

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