If you live in South Evanston, you might want to check whether you still have a spare tire on your car.

Evanston police report a rash of tire thefts and attempted thefts of tires that were discovered Monday.

Three spare tires were taken from cars at 715 Mulford St., 309 Sherman Ave. and 444 Custer Ave.

And residents at 614 Judson Ave. and near the intersection of Judson and South Boulevard reported someone attempted to steal spares from their vehicles.

In one of the failed attempts the victim identified the suspects as two male Hispanics driving an older model white Chevrolet Astro van, but none of the other victims could provide a description of the thieves.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Just another day in south Evanston
    Not only tire thefts but shots heard at 600 Custer.

    The quality of life south of Dempster should be a major focus for the new City Council. The weather will be warming up soon and I predict that you will see plenty of bad public behavior in south Evanston.

    Why does the City Council treat south Evanston with such disregard? They apparently assume that only gang bangers and drug dealers live here and that we like this quality of life. We don’t and Wilmette and Skokie are looking better every day.

    1. South Evanston ignored?
      How can you possibly suggest the city council disregards south Evanston? You have the most vocal council member in the city hall. Anne Rainey has and will continue to recieve special attention as the squeaky wheel gets the grease. You have three overhead police cameras, a police outpost on Howard Street, and numerous extra police patrols that continually drain police manpower throughout the summer months. I have seen the police cars as well as the police motorhome parked for 8-10 hours at a time in Brummel park. On top of that, you have Police officers on special details in the warmer months who are assigned specifically to the south end for 8 hour shifts. What more do you need? I think you are utilizing your fair share of Police services for such a small area. Remember, you share the border with the city of Chicago.

      I’d be willing to bet you are a relatively new resident of the south end. Maybe took advantage of the great real estate boom down there when they rehabed all the apartments into condos? Well, being a pioneer comes with some risks.

      1. Not a pioneer
        You’d lose that bet. I have lived here for more than a decade. And last time that I checked, WE as a city share a border with Chicago. As usual, those who live elsewhere in Evanston treat the south end of town as “those people” who need to face these quality of life issues all on our own.

        Look at the crime statistics any day. All of the affordable housing placed in south Evanston comes at a price. We do not receive half the police protection we should get, given the tremendous demands placed on our neighborhoods by the policies and decisions of the City Council.

        Have you had people brawling in the street in front of your home? Have you witnessed drive-up drug deals in front of your house? Have you had a shooting in your alley? I know plenty of people in Evanston who have witnessed these criminal activities. (But I’m certain that you don’t know them.) I’ll make this bet — if you did, you would be screaming for more police protection.

        It appears that you believe that people who live in south Evanston deserve the crime that they face. Nice attitude. Very inclusive and welcoming. Perhaps you should examine why you believe that we deserve what we get down here.

        I agree that Ann Rainey is a wonderful advocate for south Evanston. But she is only one vote. While virtually every other representative on the Council lives in la-la land (it’s just another beautiful day in Evanston), Ann Rainey struggles mightily to educate people on the daunting quality of life issues faced by south Evanston residents every day.

        I chose to live in south Evanston and only ask for the same quality of life enjoyed by our neighbors in the northern part of town. But why do you choose to live without any compassion for such a basic right?

  2. South Evanston overlooked?
    The south end of Evanston gets more than it’s share of police services. Not only from Evanston Police, but Chicago Police as well. What more do you need?Also, what city policies are you talking about that are prohibiting you from adequate services?

    If on a regular basis I had people brawling in front of my home, witnessed drive-up drug deals,and had a shooting in my alley, I wouldn’t be screaming for more police protection. I would be screaming for a realtor!

    1. Once again, clueless comments about south Evanston
      The policies and decisions by the City Council: in the last 10 years, the City Council has placed the vast majority of low income housing in south Evanston.

      And where are your statistics that south Evanston gets more than its share? Are those statistics based on population or level of crime? My guess: you don’t have a single number to support your flippant assertion (other than you’ve seen a police vehicle parked in Brummel Park…wow.)

      Thanks for your compassion on our situation. Glad to know that your only answer is sell your home and move. Thanks again for your concern for the quality of life of those of us in south Evanston.

      Your posting confirms my assertion: many living north of Evanston don’t give a rip about what is happening here and how rotten the quality of life is.

      In this market, screaming for a realtor is a completely ignorant and elitest suggestion. Are you living under a pumpkin? It appears that the economic downturn has not darkened your corner of Evanston. Pass the caviar or is it let them eat cake?

      Thanks again, neighbor.

      1. More services needed?
        Did you happen to view your ‘Police Services’in action last night on Howard St.? It was another wonderful use of the Evanston and Chicago Police forces. All at the behest of Aldermen. Approximately 25 police cars circling the area with all their lights and sirens activated. I asked one of the officers what this was all about. She said it was supposed to be another ‘outdoor roll call’ for the neighborhood’s benefit. Due to the rain it was changed to a parade of law enforcement vehicles. I took many photos of the display. I was told this drew every available marked police unit from Evanston, leaving a handful of others to serve the remainder of Evanston. Seems a bit lop-sided to me?????

        1. When the bullets start flying
          When the bullets start flying in another area of town, I’m confident that there will be police cars there to handle it.

          It’s hard to believe that, in an area of town where the bullets do fly, anyone would begrudge having the Evanston and Chicago cops conduct a joint roll call along Howard Street a couple of times a year. Thirty neighbors were participating as well. It tells the gang bangers and drug dealers that the neighbors care and the police are available to intervene.

          But please tell me — it was a Saturday night with below average temperatures, wind and rain. Was there crime going unaddressed in Evanston last night? I didn’t read about it in the Tribune or on these pages. My guess: some Northwestern student was relieving himself on some lawn. Should have had five cars responding to that, right?

          To answer your question, no — it’s not a bit lopsided when, given the situation, my neighbors are trying to defend their neighborhood from violence and drugs. And yes, even more is needed.

  3. Tires
    Get tire locks for your SUV spare tires. You can buy them from your dealer or go to Home Depot and make your own with cable and a lock. This is not a new crime, it’s been going on for decades(not just south Evanston). Also, use some common sense! Your spare tire is sitting our there unsecured!

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